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A general question about tree updates

I was wondering if there is a way to find out if the contributors of a course are still working, as in occasionally do stuff on duolingo.

I checked the incubator and to my knowledge the last update about the French for English speakers tree, was made in March 2015. To my knowledge the tree hasn’t changed in 3 years.

Do you know if in general do you ‘hear’ from contributors if they are in the process of updating a tree.

January 13, 2018



I do not know about the contributors, but I do know from experience that the french moderators are active in answering questions in the sentence discussions. Sometimes I may have to wait a few days for an answer (though often replies are much quicker) but many of my grammer questions have been patiently and insightfully answered by moderators on the french team. I am not sure about other languages however, because I don’t ask as many questions for them. I was wondering the same thing about the Irish course myself.


Irish has been upgraded since it's release (mostly pertaining to audio) and all the courses are anywhere from actively being developed to currently stagnant. I'm not sure how to "check in" on the courses other than paying attention to incubator updates and mod activity, and the occasional announcement via discussion forums. For the most part the mods of most of the available language options are pretty active. They would have definitely changed the French for English course at least a few times if it's one of the main Duo language courses.


Thanks, I definately appreciate the upgraded audio for Irish! I suppose the new skill levels (whenever we get them) will also mean updates and improvements all around.


I finished my french from English tree about 2 years ago, perhaps even earlier than that.

I have heard from other people who because of a tree update, they have lost their golden owl and had new material, either lessons and or skills to complete in order to get it back. That is the kind of update I’m hoping for, or at least wondering about.


That's happened to me with the Spanish to English tree in the past and I've been on the site for a few years. I don't remember if people have said that it happened to them in the French tree however it happens frequently enough to be relatively widespread regardless of what tree you are working on. Welsh actually went through a big update a month ago and even though I don't have the owl for it yet, I'm going through all of the old skills that have been updated right now.


Unless the language teams make discussion posts, news from them will come from their incubator page.

The French tree is actually quite dynamic. Everyday, we make changes to hints, translations, tags, sentence exercises, etc. We are, however, quite aware that you haven't seen large scale changes for a while. The tree you are using is called version 2.0. I'd like to assure you that version 3.0 is slowly taking shape.


I like the tree, and two members of my family have completeted,and my youngest son is working on it. So thank you for all the work you have already done on it. I know I don’t have a streak right now, but I help my youngest son with it every school day.

It’s great news that version 3.0 is being worked on. I know it’s a bunch of work.

Hopefully in a few months when the tree has taken more shape you could post something about it on the incubator page.


Thanks for the info!

What do you mean by "tags"? I recently learned that in English for Dutch speakers they can't remove some really clunky English sentences due to technical limitations. Does French for English have any such constraints?


Tags are essentially word labels. Every word in every sentence is labeled to make sure they fall in the right place in the course. Mislabeled words cause a lot of trouble in the later skills. (cough subjunctive)

We also have plenty of technical limitations. Too many to mention. We try a lot of workarounds.


It's what I feel about Portuguese to English speakers. It has a lot of mistakes, and even reporting them nothing seems to be fixed :(


My son is diong the English for French speakers tree. We are an English speaking family. What is funny is my son loves listening to the audio, which is sometimes quite bad. Occasionally he will say, “what do you think this word is” and play a piece of audio. Right now I’m thinking about the words cat. And one point it is said, “See - at”.


The English TTS is horrible. Worse that horrible.


Yeah, I leave a browser tab set to Google Translate to paste Duolingo's sentences in there. It lets me hear how they sound. It's not perfect, but it's MUCH better than Duolingo's TTS.


Usually, you do "hear" from the contributors. If you read the Norwegian incubator updates, you see them talking a lot about the somewhat recent Tree update.


crickets from Italian


Crickets from Portuguese...

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