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I'm looking for an native english speaker to skype.

Hello, I'm a spanish native speaker and I'd like to practice my english with a native speaker who's not too shy to skype. I'd be my first time. Even though my english is not perfect I feel that I'm ready to do that. Of course I can help him or her with their spanish.

January 13, 2018



Love the enthusiasm but I am sooooo sorry, I don't have skype


Well, that's easy to solve.


Hi, I would like to practice Spanish, but my computer just can't handle the amount of power it takes to hold a video cam. Great job!

Here is a lingot for good work!


I mentioned skype because that's the only thing that I know, and the audio part is what matters the most to me. If you want maybe with the app GRACEBIRDGIRL suggested.


HelloTalk is also a great way to speak to people from around the world learning new languages. https://hellotalk.com/ I'm on there as @gracek2002


I'm going to give it a shot, thank you very much!


Hmm... instead of Skype, maybe try using Discord? You can talk to someone on there just by voice, without a webcam. I think that will be less intimidating for most. Good luck with your studies!


If you don't have skype or have another app/program in mind I'm open to other options, you don't need a webcam, as long as we can listen to each other clearly, it's all good. Discord, I'm going to look that up. Thank you!


I would love to but I don’t have Skype


I can im English. :)

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