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can somebody please tuter me through German???

I keep forgetting words, can someone please help me make habits to remember them???

<pre> -Ilovecupca7 </pre>
January 13, 2018



Using Duolingo Tinycards will help you remember words. It helps me. I would tutor you, but my German is bad :) I can try, though.


oki dokie thank you :^)


Folks: "you're [ you are] welcome," not your.

"Tutor" not "tuter."

Spelling and grammar matters, especially here.

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wombatua, I agree because many German learners are not native English speakers and we should not lead folks astray if we can help it. Also, there are a lot of native German speakers who help us all out; and although their English is much better than our German they also seek to improve their English writing skills.

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Check out Anki; it is an online flashcard system which is used to help memorization. Learning languages is one of the things that it is very useful for. There is a multitude of German flashcard sets already made up and are shared for free. I use them and I am in the process of making up my own deck on German Phrases which I will share when I complete the German tree. At least that is the goal I set for myself.


Write, speak, read those words. Another hint that can be helpful is "Spaced Repetition". You can check it on goggle. There are some recommendations, after which time new knowledge should be repeated, in order to memorize it.


sorry my sis spelled tutor wrong again it is tutor!!!!

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