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These Chinese pronunctions are KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, a couple days ago I started learning Chinese, and so I am doing my lesson, and it says “Select what you hear” and I hear “Sìng”, but the closest option to that is “Xìng”. So I press that one, and correct answer. I also hear “Àr” Instead of “Èr”, and “Mā” Instead of “Mē”. AND DUOLINGO HAS NO EXPLANATION FOR PRONUNCIATION!!!!

January 13, 2018



I suggest you familiarise yourself with the phonology first. Everyone should do this before starting to learn any language.


I find this video quite helpful. Considering your comment, I feel this video will be very helpful to you.



There are many tools online for mastering pīnyīn pronunciation. Here's one example... https://www.digmandarin.com/chinese-pronunciation-guide.html


Take a look at Youtube for the so called "Pinyin Song": Intonation and pronunciation, in a direct comparison. Helpful for getting a clue, how an X, J, Q, C, and so on sounds like in the transcription.


Thanks a lot!. =D


You could also search up pinyin on google and your problem might magically disappear :D


Google yo-yo Chinese pinyin table and listen and watch the videos very carefully. You will be able to hear the diffferences in a few weeks. I understand your pain right now.


Pinyin is a bit disconcerting. They use our characters, but some of them with differents sounds. And it is confusing.


well it is pronounced like that, its kinda hard to explain. but in short, how you pronounce pinyin is not at all like english. Xing is pronounced sort of like sing but not exactly. For these it's easy to get confused with but one thats not is Yī, if you say that yī is pronounced yee to somone who speaks chinese they might think youre crazy


1) McGraw-Hill's Chinese Pronunciation with CD-ROM (isbn 0071627367)


2) Practice Makes Perfect: Beginning Chinese with CD-ROMs, Interactive Edition (isbn 007160412X)

are two books which can supposedly help with Chinese pronunciation. Fairly short but precise. Also with descriptions/suggestions on how to shape the mouth and/or place tongue.


Pinyin can be deceptive, you basically have to learn how the pinyin is pronounced first in order to use it effectively.

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