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WIU, Week 02 2018 update, Discussion


Since comments have been disabled for the WIU, unfortunately, we have to use this as a substitute.

Link to the WIU: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25880294


January 14, 2018



I'm wondering why Hindi is still marked as 95% complete even though they announced that they locked the tree. Odd.


It’s great to see some progress from Indonesian and Haitian Creole! I’m really anticipating the releases of those courses.


Came here to say the same thing! I've put off attempting any new languages until I've gotten to a decent level with the ones I'm already studying (mostly off Duolingo), so if Haitian Creole is completed next year, that'll likely be my first choice...


Nice to see some progress from BA>EN this week! (...as I'm hoping for there to eventually be an EN>BA course, hehe) Still waiting for the Klingon bug(s) to be fixed, though. >:(


I think you have them backwards. BA>EN implies Bengali for English speakers...or do I have it wrong?


It’s Bengali to English (> means to) so kirezatav is correct.


What does the x-axis mean? It isn't labeled.


There's labels at the bottom (well numbers anyway). It's the course completion percentage.


Apparently, the discussion actually isn't locked, but when I try to comment, the comment will never appear. It's extremely irritating.

Never mind. It's locked now.

I have managed to comment on the WIU before it was locked, one time, but my comment was deleted and the discussion was locked.

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