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  5. "Wir brauchen ihn."

"Wir brauchen ihn."

Translation:We need him.

January 14, 2018



Ihn = him? How have I missed that thus far?


ihn = him, yes.

(But not always the other way around, as ihm can also be "him".)


"We need it" was not accepted, but in my opinion ihn could also be a "it" if it's masculine in German.


True, for example:
Du hast den Schraubenzieher. Wir brauchen ihn = "You have the screwdriver. We need it".

However, file this under 'practical real-word tips' and don't expect it to be accepted on Duolingo unless the context clearly indicates you're talking about an inanimate object or animal.


how is we want him a wrong answer?


Because, as parents worldwide try to teach their children, wanting something is not the same as needing it.

"Mummy, I need a new pencil case! -- No, darling, you want a new pencil case. You don't need one: your old one is still perfectly good."

brauchen is to need.


Why is it ''him''? Is not it Dative? How can I say ''I need her''?


Why is it ''him''? Is not it Dative?

That's right -- it is not dative, but rather accusative. brauchen is a regular transitive verb and takes a direct object in the accusative case.

How can I say ''I need her''?

Ich brauche sie.

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