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Just starting

Right now I am getting most of the things correct, but I feel like i'm going to fail later on. give me tips on learning more faster, also I might need a little encouragement lol.

January 14, 2018



The more you do it and warm up to the lessons the easier it gets.

i start a new lesson once i know the previous lessons basically by heart. When I start a new lesson I usually make flaschcards and keep them by my my bedside so when i go to bed and wake up I can review the cards.

Good luck with French! I am almost level 25 and I can't wait!! Soon enough you will be there! Just don't stop and when you start feeling demotivated just remember your goals and just how cool it is to be able to speak 2 languages! after that you can continue to other languages and feel the same pleasure. That's one of the reasons why I love learning languages so much!

Anyways, have fun on your French learning journey to fluency!!

Au Revoir!

(P.S. have some lingots to start)


[deactivated user]

    You can use other apps to help out or you can try using Tiny Cards


    If you keep practicing, you'll start to recognize words and their placement in a sentence. For example, f you recognize common words such as "Elle" (she) and "mange" (eat), you'll be able to know their plurals as well as putting them in a sentence later on. Prior to doing French on Duolingo, I started studying it in school in September. If you try to do it on another platform as well, or maybe practicing speaking French with someone else, it will help you remember the language and also get easier as time goes on. Hoped this helped!

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