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  5. "He is here without pants?"

"He is here without pants?"

Translation:On je tady bez kalhot?

January 14, 2018



Interesting word for pants. Are they hot or not. No, they are kalhot


KalhotY, kalhot is genitive. They are always plural, same as trousers.


Genitive because of the bez, right?


Yes, BEZ makes it genitive


Remember the 'sans culotte' of the French revolution!


This is actually just a coincidence, there is no relation.

Kalhoty is derived from Italian caligotte (caliga = shoe, boot).


Originally from Latin. Where did the French come from?


From "cul" (= ass) obviously, which is from a whole other root.


Is there some rule for the placement of tady in the sentence. Clearly, the word order is not free, as I am counted off for word order, specifically the placement of tady, all the time. It seems to move, though, sometimes before the vetb and sometimes after.


It really depends what is the thing you want to convey. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topic_and_comment

Is the main message of the sentence that you are surprised he is here without pants?
On je tady bez kalhot?

Or are you surprised he is without pants here (elswehere it wouldn't be surprising)?
On je bez kalhot tady?

Or are you surprised that it is him who is here without pants?
Bez kalhot je tady on?

Are you surprised that here it is him who is without pants and it may be someone else at some other place?
Tady je bez kalhot on?


I would have thought that was the case, much as in Russian. If that is the case, I will start reporting word orders that should be accepted then.


But be aware that not all Russian word orders are natural in Czech and vice versa.


So that would be the question, then, is there any way to recognize an unnatural word order? Are there some consistent rules about where a word like "tady" cannot be placed, for instance?


Unfortunately, often these are just tendencies and subjective feeling of natural/strange.


vladafu, first thank you for your endless work as moderator. greatly appreciated. second, i couldn't find what i was looking for on your comment link jamestwils, so i ask here regarding 'tady' what about 'on tady je...'? with tady in second place? apologies if i missed the explanation elsewhere.


True, the position of adverbs is a different problem not governed by topic and comment. "On tady je..."is a possible word order.


"He is......." = oznamovací věta... proč je tam otazník ? Klikla jsem na oznam.tlačítko....


It's a declarative question.


Děkuji - nastuduji.


"Je bez kalhot tady?" is not accepted. Why?


Please see my comment to JamesTWils above first. It is very likely that it says something else than you might think it does. I am not sure it should be accepted.


Why is on tady je bez kalhot wrong


tomasrejda, that is my question too, and asked to vladafu in the thread above. have some lingots for the question!


It would be helpful if the UK English version had 'trousers' in place of 'pants'; conveys a whole other situation of a bloke in his undies vs. a bloke who is utterly starkers..!


Yes but there is no UK English version now, is there?

In the revere exercise, we accept "trousers" and other British English words, but the main sentences are always in American English.

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