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What's your favorite country(s)?

What's your favorite country? I have lots of favorite countries like, Brazil, France, Portugal, Guinea, England, Italy and many more. And if you want to please follow me. They are really interesting countries.

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January 14, 2018



My favorite country is Norway! Growing up in a tropical country, I have always dreamed of living in a "wonderland of snow". Basically, touching snow is THE dream. I know that it's not always snowing there but it would also be nice to have generally cold weather everyday. Other than the climate, Norwegian is a really beautiful language.

[deactivated user]

    I'd say that my favorite country is the United States since I live here but other than the U.S. I'd say that one of my favorite countries is Poland because I really like their general "atmosphere" as a population, they are welcoming and seem to be more warm than the people of other Slavic countries, and I think that their language is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing one that I have seen, the best way to describe it is the overall poetic look of French, but changed to look Slavic, here is an example I got off a Wikipedia page:

    Egzystencjalizm istnieje w wersji teistycznej oraz ateistycznej. W obu przypadkach jego ideą jest przekonanie, że człowiek, jako jedyny z wszystkich bytów ma bezpośredni wpływ na to kim jest i dokonując niezależnych wyborów wyraża swoją wolność.

    The use of diacritics and Zs, cz, rz, ł, and others are what I love about it, also the challenge (7 cases, 3 genders, and plurality that all change words in different ways, pronunciation, and long words that are hard to remember (like Szczebrzeszyn)) it poses makes it very satisfying to use correctly, although that is easily the most unattractive part for a lot of people. I also really enjoy Republika since I love rock music, which you should check out, but overall, I really like Poland because of its language and people.


    cool. Do you know how to pronounce the language?

    [deactivated user]

      Ha, I could only dream of flawless pronunciation as of now, but I'm working on it


      practice makes perfect as they always say!


      My favorite countries are Liberia and Italy and Canada and France and Argentina and Portugal and Brazil and Guinea and many more. I live in Canada. I love Japan too. I really want to learn their language so much countries that i love :-)


      Intersting... :)


      Japan - because of it's interesting culture and language.

      Denmark - because of "hygge" :D

      Cyprus - the friendliness of the people and interesting Greek-Turkish cultural mix.

      I'd love to visit Norway, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Peru and New Zealand, too. And many others... better yet, travel the whole world :)


      Greece is my favorite. I love Greek mythology. I'd love to go one day and see the Parthenon. I also want to go to France when I'm more fluent in French. I went to Italy in April of last year and that's my favorite country that I've traveled to because it was so amazing.


      My favorites are Sweden, Italy, Greece, Kenya, South Africa, Korea, Japan, Spain, Egypt and the Czech Republic. Mostly for cultural reasons.


      Italy, Japan, Portugal.


      I'd say the countries that I'm interested in are Chile and Norway. Unfortunately I have not been to either of them. I have been in 3 countries my whole life, USA, Japan and Mexico, and I'd rank them like this from favorite to least favorite: Mexico, USA, Japan. Mexico was awesome, USA's alright I guess, and Japan was alright too but we had some problems with racism there.


      I have to say England is my favourite country because it's my home and where my heart is and always be.

      But after England it's Spain (because it's got an wonderful language, great people and amazing culture) and Ireland (my man is from there so it's a bit like a second home to me).


      Can I ask you a question? Do you like football? If you do, i like it too! But in my area, we call it soccer.


      Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Seychelles, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Malta.


      Right now I'm really into Colombia and Costa Rica. My family and I are really into the British Isles.


      For me, Japan has to be one of the top scorers, along with New Zealand.

      Japan is one of the most culturally involved countries in the world. It somehow has mixed the modern world, with its traditional Edo era. You can find the incredible electric billboards and bustling train stations, right next to the shrines and temples, sometimes it's really a weird occurence to see 2 different eras in the same area. Its people and culture piqued my interest the most than other countries.

      New Zealand is the most beautiful country I've ever went to in the world. The stunning landscapes, pristine waters, mixed with its fun people, make New Zealand a must-go. It's honestly a country with the most spectacular landscapes.

      I would more on this list, maybe like Canada, Scandinavia, or Spain, but I haven't been yet.

      At most, the runner-ups to Japan and New Zealand would probably be Italy, Germany, Australia, China, and the US.

      I hope my opinion doesn't offend anyone D:

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