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Why not "OE" in place of the "œ"?

Why doesn't duoLingo allow "OE" to be used in place of the "œ"? I've always been under the impression they are interchangable. It isn't a character a US keyboard easily creates; but duoLingo shows I am incorrect when I type “oeuf” (egg) or “boeuf” (beef).

January 14, 2018


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    To answer your question, it's because the words aren't supposed to be written without an œ, and I would honestly say that the quality of life leniencies that Duolingo already gives (i.e. not being forced to add accents) more than compensates for that trouble. If you're having trouble typing them in, if you're on a phone, for all of the special characters you can hold down the desired special characters root letter, for example 'o', and a 'menu', so to speak, will appear and you can slide over to œ. If you're on a computer there is a section at the bottom of text bubbles that gives you access to all of the special characters.


    DuoLingo does allow oe in place of "œ" . I just tried it in Food. I have not used the "œ" character in a long time. Is it possible the error was with the article used before it?


    porque no lo hace duolingo permitir "OE"ser utilizado en lugar de "oe"siempre estado abajo de imprecionar ellos son intercambiable.eso no es un caracter a nos teclado facilmente crea;pero duolingo zapatos yo estoy incorrecto cuando tipo huevo (guevo o "carne de res"(carne de res).

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    It's odd that duolingo allows not writing accents (a big no-no in french and many other languages) while not allowing this relatively common and harmless "shortcut". Πisn't even part of the latin-1 charset and it's not always easy to type (even on the crappy french AZERTY keyboard) so it's pretty common to see it written that way even by french people.

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