"My nose hurts."


January 14, 2018

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Chinese character Description for "Hurt " is missing here. Please correct it !!


Not sure why 很 is being used as an auxiliary verb here when 疼 is a verb itself.


A question only one or two back interprets 很疼 as "hurts a lot" But here it only means "hurts".

The meaning of 很 in this course seems to be very inconsistent in terms of English answers.


Chinese is a lot about rhythm and context as well. In this case only 疼 is technically possible, but it just doesn't sound as smooth to the ear, like a very aprupt ending. Also in very short sentences you will see a lot of modifications like this, to absolutely clarify the meaning. In some cases it would otherwise not be possible to understand just by listening and without being able to see the characters (like in a conversation).


Is 的 necessary here?

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