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Does Duolingo really care?

I have been studying on Duolingo for about three years and had reached a 970 day streak when something went wrong I was put back to zero days even though I had a streak freeze in place. After numerous posts about it and a couple of pleas I didn't get any response from Duolingo, it was like I didn't exist.

I am so disapointed, as for as long as I can remember I have been singing the praises of Duolingo, I must have got them dozens of new members along the way.

I know that streaks mean absolutely jack but to me and my Mum and Dad they were what kept me going, I was so proud of my achievment and to have it taken away without even so much as a reply It feels like you have been let down by your best friend.

Sorry Duolingo but at this moment I don't care much for you.

January 14, 2018


[deactivated user]

    It nearly happened to me once. I got 66xps then 2 hours later (which is after the end of my DL day) it said I didn't do enough practice and only scored 44xps. Given that they're short on cash lately (eg health/gems), one can assume that they just want you to buy their streak repair.


    Complaints about vanishing streaks were common before the option of buying the streak repair was introduced.


    what streak repair?


    Streaks have occasionally been lost unexpectedly since way before the streak repair option was introduced.


    Hmmm, so after three years you encountered a technical problem? And remember it was Duo that initiated the streak system to keep you motivated...along with giving you all these languages to learn. Just because they do care.

    I'm sorry you lost your streak. Report it to Duo here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    Duo will fix it if they can... but as I said it might be a computer bug which is hard to fix. Well, since we all live with computers now we should be used to those things. Really, isn't the whole point that you are learning?


    Reading the post carefully, the issue is just not about losing a streak. It's about losing a streak and the lack of response from Duolingo, which is why the user feels the team (or whoever this user was trying to contact) doesn't care.

    Though, I do agree that streaks hardly matter. If you learned something in the process, then that is what should matter. But, keep in mind that not everyone has the same mindset as you.


    Thanks, for the comment, I did report it using this but nothing was done about it.


    why am i seeing you still have 975 streak?


    dang! You're right! Streak was restored :-)


    Yessss ! Duolingo has put me back. Please see my last discussion. "Yes, Duolingo Does Care"


    I feel for you Bro! :'(


    Restermen, I totally get it! To be that diligent and loyal for years, only to discover that you did not receive even an aknowledgement of your report or a glitch, that is awful!

    That said, kudos to you for your consistent learning and long streak, and bravo for starting a new streak, already 4 days! :-)


    976 Days - that means you got it back!!!!! wow, I am so happy for you! It seems you were heard after all!


    I get you are upset about losing the streak.

    However was all the Duolingo praises you sung in the past because it's a good free course to learn a language or was it because you had a long streak?

    [deactivated user]

      I think he's more pissed at the lack of a Duolingo response than to having lose his streak, especially because of a likely glitch of bug.


      Hi FreeHelicopters, I really think that without Duolingo, despite what has happened, I wouldn't be as far on without it. My praises were always for the course.


      I am sorry to hear about your lost streak. One thing I do now is I track my duolingo progress on another daily habit tracking app (I use habitica) I did this mostly because I wanted a place I could track my combined time spent on languages (not just duolingo but other apps as well and listening to podcasts etc.) It is unfortunate that the customer service is so lacking considering as I read somewhere, if you are not paying for the product you are the product. Duolingo makes money from advertising to its users, so it is in their own self interest to respect their users, however technical glitches do occur, so I suggest in the meantime if streaks are a big part of what motivates you since this seems to be an ongoing problem, consider backing up your progress either in a pen and paper journal or another app.

      [deactivated user]

        Usually I don't even care about streak but that amount is a lot to lose and I would feel the same as you.


        Congrats on having your long streak restored.

        You can go back to singing Duo's praises now ;)


        Thank you to everyone who has responded. I would be grateful if you would see my lates post "Yes, Duolingo Does Care"



        sorry to hear about your streak lost.

        I am curious:
        What was the offered price for a repair on the mobile app like Android (lingot store) with such a big streak?

        Probably more than with +-300 days?


        I don't feel they care, either. I've sent them all sorts of feedback (suggestions for improvements, or issues), and have had no action or response to any of it.

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