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Looking for friendly Czech people :)

Ahoj, moje jméno je Vladimir, a jesem ze Serby! :)... (feel free to correct wrong spelling xD)...

I'm big fan of all Slavic countries and languages, and Czech Republic is one of my favorites! :)... I already visited Czech Republic once (Prague), and I'm pretty sure i will visit it again this year (I think about Ostrava or Brno this time) :)... I really want to learn a lot about Czech people, customs, culture as well as what places should i visit and see next time i come to this fantastic and beautiful country! :)... If there are any friendly Czech people who are interested in chating, sharing info, hanging out and even help me with my Czech learning feel free to send me a message! :)... Who knows, maybe you will get interested in Serbia too! :D...

Těším se na setkání s vámi! :)...

January 14, 2018



I've had good luck finding practice partners through Conversation Exchange (thought admittedly I was looking for Spanish speakers, and Spanish is widely spoken). http://www.conversationexchange.com - you create an account and then search for practice partners. You can search by various criteria such as gender, age, nationality, hobbies. You can search for pen pals, audio chat partners, or video chat partners. You can use their internal messaging service if you don't want to give out your email address.

Also check out iTalki, weSpeke, Busuu, and goSpeaky.


Oh! I forgot: you can also look in the "English for Czech speakers" forum: https://www.duolingo.com/topic/906

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