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If you could learn three languages to set you up for all other languages what would they be

If you wanted to become a polyglot and you needed to pick three very different languages to give you as diverse a grounding as possible what would they be I thought maybe a tonal language and a language with an interesting Case system or something but I'm still thinking PS also what is the aspect of a language you've learned that's most done your head in

January 14, 2018




Not because Esperanto is spoken around the world or related to a bunch of other languages, but because learning Esperanto teaches you how to learn other languages. I once saw learning Esperanto compared to learning the recorder (musical instrument). It is not that you are going to be a great recorder player, it is that learning the recorder teaches you skills easily that form a good basis when learning more sophisticated instruments.


Manderin, Arabic and Spanish/english


Also if you could give reasons for each language that would be great


Russian, Arabic, and Hindi. I would have chosen English, Spanish and Chinese but I'm fluent in all three already.


Russian as the Indo-European representative, since it has a fairly complex grammar and it's still widely-spoken. Mandarin, for the characters and all the influence Chinese had in other Asian languages. Arabic to complete the mix and cover the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Latin as the gateway to all romance languages.... as for the rest perhaps Polish for slavic languages (though I am personally planning to learn slovak eventually) and Japanese


I would choose english german and hungarian as i know a bit of all three


Chinese as gateway to oriental languages, Farsi for Arabic languages and English. But I already know Romanian so Romance languages are easier to approach


Farsi is not related to Arabic at all. There's borrowed vocab, but that's about it.

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