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  5. "It is a cat."

"It is a cat."

Translation:Es ist eine Katze.

January 14, 2018



why " sie ist eine katze " wrong ?


Personal pronouns such as "it" refer back to something previously mentioned.

Without context, "it" would be the neuter es in German -- possibly refering back to das Ding or das Tier in a previous sentence.

After you've introduced the cat, you can refer back to it with the feminine sie, matching the feminine grammatical gender of the noun Katze.

Was ist das? Es ist eine Katze. Sie hei├čt Minka.


That was a very helpful reply. I thought I had missed something about gender agreement, but it was situational - not gendered until that is specified.


Why can't it be "Das ist eine Katze" ?


Why can't it be "Das ist eine Katze" ?

Because the English sentence has "it is..." and not "that is...".

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