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Suggestion for Duolingo: charts showing conjugation and male/feminine/plural forms

One feature that would make Duolingo the absolute top language learning app, in my opinion, would be to add charts that explain/show conjugation and/or masculine/feminine/plural options. I have tried a lot of the language apps out there and I love how Duolingo teaches. However, I find myself often times having to use the internet to figure out why I am continually getting something wrong. The help for us visual learners would be charts showing conjugation and/or masculine, feminine, plural conjugations. I was stuck in several lessons for quite a while and was becoming quite frustrated. The answer was found in googling the lesson title and other sites showing these type of charts. Perhaps at the beginning of a lesson, you could show these charts so we’re not just guessing and learning by guessing. I would love to know the reason why something is right or wrong, not just that it is simply right or wrong.

January 14, 2018



Go to the words tab. Click on a verb and you will find the conjugations.


I use reverso.net, it is a really great resource where you can find charts for any verb. However, I noticed recently that some words actually do have a conjugation chart that appears when I click on them and then click below on the botton of the word box. Often it is a partial chart and sometimes it appears and sometimes not (it seems random) but it is very helpful.


They used to have conjugation charts when I started (Aug 2016) , but they removed them. As Silvia mentioned , Reverso is a great resource.


Una caracterisrica que haria hacer en duolingo el absoluto lenguage aprendiendo pp,en mi opinion haria ser a graficos que explicaran expectaculo de la conjugacion y/o Masculino/femenino/prulal opciones.yo tengo intentar mucho el leguage pps afuera hay y yo amo como duolingo enseña sin embargo,yo encontrar a mi mismo localizar tiempo teniendo que utilizar el internet figura afuera porque yo estoy continuando conciguiendo incorrecto la ayuda para visualisar aprendiendo haria haria ser graficos y fue atrapado en varias lecciones para bien mientras fue convirtiendose bien fustrado.La pregunta fue encotro en gogleando la leccion poco de comenzando otra leccion sitios demodtracion este tipo de graficos quizas comenzando una leccio,tu podrias estrella estos graficos asi que no fueron solo adivinacion ser adivinio esta derecho o graficos,no solo que esta es simplemente derecho o incorrecto.

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