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Chinese - add meaning to the characters in the exercises "What sound does this make"

First a big thank you for the Chinese course. I know that this is a special challange for Duolingo. I would have some suggestions which would be helpful for learners (like me). First it would be very helpful, if in the exercises, there you introduce the new characters ("What sound does this make") always put the meaning under the sign, so at the same time one learn the aspect and sound of the character also remembers the meaning. This is now a big lack of this course! I already can regognize the sound of a lot of characters but I have still no idea what they mean! Thank you for consider this proposal. - On the other problem I see that you are working on: It is that often correct solutions are not accepted. I understand that there remains a lot of work to do. (Sorry for any mistakes in my English, a am not a native Speaker.)

January 14, 2018



RobinCard made a browser extension for this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25875361


What does this say about the sorry state of DuoLingo that a user can create a browser extension to do something that the paid staff are failing to do?

I appreciate this and other user scripts...but...why is this even necessary? The Chinese course was launched and abandoned. Have any of the issues I reported ever been fixed, other than new translations being accepted? Have ANY hover-over hints ever been fixed? Audio on word hover-over still broken? Some characters still mispronounced or missing audio entirely?


Robin Card's extension I installed on my laptop, but does not work: the day I installed it I only could see the meaning of the words; unfortunately not the slow version of the pronunciation, nor the other options. The day after I reinstalled the extension and no function is working anymore.


Install "pleco" on your phone (Android).


I only use my mobile phone for emergencies.

Moreover, I do not understand that people follow a course on a little screen of only about 6 x 10 centimeters (!), while they can work at home with a computer or laptop.

= = =

Can someone answer my question: why are so many free new study programs / apps introduced on mobile phones without a version for a computer / laptop (which I experience as extremely annoying!)? Does a course organizer receive (part of) the telephone revenue or something?

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