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What happens when you finish a tree?

There are only a few lessons left to finish my tree and I would like to know what will happen when I finish it.

I mean... Will I have new words/sentences when I practice? Or will I just answer the same questions I do now? Will it become harder?

And also: Will I have to focus on Duolingo? Or can I give it a break and focus on what I do out of here?

January 14, 2018



From what I know, when you finish, there is no more lessons… What you could do is try the reverse tree, to learn new things (English from German, in your case, I guess), or begin with another language. You could also just stop using duolingo except to review what you know, and try go and watch movies in this language, find a penpal on internet… practice this language in real situations if possible, to keep improving!


Thanks. So I can keep my tree golden just to remember words I can forget. And learn more from outside. And of course, trying Duolingo stories.

[deactivated user]

    I've been recommending two Android apps that complement Duolingo very well:

    For words - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funeasylearn.german&

    For sentences - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funeasylearn.phrasebook.german&

    This should keep you entertained should you take a holiday from Duolingo.


    Looks great! But unfortunately my plataform is Windows Phone not Android. :( In any case, I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for your suggestion.


    Hey, I was searching for this app in other platforms and I found this link:


    The App is available for Windows, Android and iOS!!

    [deactivated user]

      Great. It will expand your German vocabulary quite well and the variety of exercises will suit everyone's tastes.


      Thank you for this link. I now have it on my Windows phone (obviously for French and not German lol).


      Nothing happens except you get a golden owl with a scarf. Many people go on to do the reverse tree. That is learning English for German speakers. Personally, I would watch German tv and download German podcasts to supplement your learning.


      You get an owl trophy. Taking a break from Duolingo isn’t a bad thing, although you’ll be encouraged to get to level 25 on the tree. I’d recommend finding media to read or listen to in your language.

      [deactivated user]

        Currently I focus on doing the Strengthen Skills which will pick the skills that light up on the tree. I've noticed new sentences showing up on several skills that weren't there when I learned them, which suggests me that some new sentences are thrown in here and there.


        My plan is to continue strengthening the skills to keep the tree golden at the same rate at which I studied. Once the exercises become trivial, I will slow down and start doing fewer lessons every day. I guess I'll keep doing at least one strengthen per day for quite some time.

        I will also continue studying via Anki, reading books and newspapers, etc., in addition to using Duolingo. If possible, I will also continue taking lessons, but depends on where I will live at that time.


        You get a golden owl trophy at the bottom of the tree. Then, you can start again, if you want or choose any of the skills in the tree that you wish to focus on. The benefit with completing the tree is that all the skills are open for you to play with.


        cause you have to do a test and you have tries and you have only 3


        what does it mean to 'finish a tree'. Does it mean that you have a certain amount of xp, or reach a certain level? Or have done at least all the skills to level 1? I'm just confused. I am at level 19 in Spanish but have many more skills to go through. When will I know I have finished my tree or does it matter because I can always practice even when done?

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