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Haitian Creole release updated!


I am certain I was not the only one disappointed when Haitian Creole wasn't released on December 31st, so if you were among those who were disappointed, rejoice! Haitian Creole's release has finally been updated!

It's supposed to be released on May 30th, 2018.

Link to the course in the incubator: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ht/en/status

Note: Another contributor was added to the course, it seems, and now it looks like she's no longer there? Odd.


January 14, 2018



My wife sent an email requesting to help a month ago. She is fluent in Haitian Creole, English and French, but was never contacted back, which is a shame as she could help get this course completed!


None of the contributers have been active in 7 months.


And now again, It's set for July 1 . . . today is July 1 . . . nothing.

I'm going to be fluent by the time it's released! Then I can contribute!


I'm so looking forward to this! I once managed to make a fool of myself when I assumed that my knowledge of French meant the I would understand Haitian Creole just as well. Not. True. It is very much its own thing.


Any ideas for where to give Haitian Creole a listen? There used to be a Kreyòl section of Radio French International, but that seems to have been disbanded. I keep trying the notionally Haitian Creole stations on one of the radio apps on my phone, but the streams never seem to actually connect :(


Yay!! Hopefully the May 30th release won't get pushed back again. It would be a nice touch for it to be released during Haitian Heritage Month :)


Not May 30th either. It's still in Phase 1 :( There are hardly any contributors and it hasn't been updated in 5 months.


Thanks for the update, Woof!!!! :D


No problem! I'm very excited for Haitian Creole! :)


The updated release date is set for July 1st, 2020. Do we have any confirmations if it's on track for that? I'm anxiously awaiting!


It looks like the release date was updated yesterday for the end of the year. That would certainly be a 2020 highlight if it was ready by then! Mèsi anpil to the contributors :)


7-5-21 Patiently awaiting the arrival of this beautiful course! I can't wait to learn! Any updates!!


I have been waiting on this as well....


I wonder why there hasn't been an update.


im surprised that there wasn't a learning haitian creole from spanish ,as haiti shares a border with a spanish speaking country


I hope this course comes out today as scheduled. I'm tired of being disappointed. When it doesn't come out it's usually another 6 months added on. At least let us see and help test the beta version. PLEASE make this happen today.


I've all but given up. It's been "almost ready" for a long time and people just can't seem to finish it. I've been wanting to learn Kreyol for years.


Unfortunately, this course may never be released. Try YouTube or something


Hooray! I am ecstatic for Haitian Creole!


I wondered why Haitian Creole hadn't been up yet, thanks for the update lol.


the date has been and gone. Fingers crossed!


I am still waiting on Haitian creole. When is this coming out?!


Same! Last time they updated the course was 7 months ago.


Impatiently waiting for Haitian Creole. Hopefully they will also add it to Spanish and French speakers at one point in time. Of course all languages are amazingly beautiful! Salud.


12.31.2020. Has Haitian Creole been launched? Today is supposed to be the day it would be available. Where is it?


Hi! I would love to be one of the first to test the beta version of the Haitian Creole course. Fred


The course is suppose to be out today, so let's have our fingers crossed


Hey Jazz46461 If it isn't out today, here is a good resource that you might want to consider in the meantime https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNss4Uj_mwK7XYxrbhToLIg


06-20-21 I am really looking forward to be able to learn Haitian Creole! (and thousands of other students have the same wish - to learn Haitian Creole!)

If you're a Teacher of Haitian Creole, please join Duolingo in this great Venture!


I don't think it will ever be released. Try Rodeson School on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNss4Uj_mwK7XYxrbhToLIg

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