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How do I strengthen my skills fast?

Hoi (Hi)

I need help. Every other day 5-8 of my Dutch skills need to be strengthened. This morning, 3 of my skills needed to be strengthened. I strengthened 2. When I just went on 8 minutes ago, 3 more skills needed to be strengthened. How did that happen?

Is there a faster way to strengthen my skills? I don't have time to do all the work. I have home school, chores, ballet class, swim practice, and church! How the heck can I strengthen my skills faster! It takes me 10 minutes to strengthen 1 skill. WITHOUT GETTING ANYTHING WRONG! UGH!

If you help my answer my question I will follow and support you! This a a big problem I can't handle.

Thank you for reading :)

January 14, 2018



The essential parts:

  1. Take on new material slowly. Strengthen a lot.

  2. Don't use hints unless you absolutely have to.

  3. Strengthen specific skills, rather than doing general strengthenings, unless everything is golden already.

  4. First strengthen the skills farthest down the tree.


Duolingo has changed a lot since then, it requires more time and more lessons, much more.


I don’t know how you work, but I personally learn quite slowly, and I write on paper on the things I need to learn. That way, I remember well the skills I studied, and practice goes quite quickly (like 2 minutes). Also, I think that if you don’t try to strengthen in the order, it will be faster. I noticed that if you strengthen an advanced skill on your tree, it sometimes strengthens also some that are before it, because for this advanced tree you needed the knowledge of these basic skills. I’m not sure it still works like that, or maybe only with timed practice, but it can be useful. You also don’t need to do this without any mistake, and you don’t need to have all your skills golden to continue on learning :)


It is annoying I know.

Perhaps, you need to do your work a little bit slower but a bit more thoroughly?

The more mistakes you make, the more strengthening you'll have to do.

Even the strengthening you are doing at the moment, it will only "hold" if you have not made any mistakes... Well, so I gather anyway.

Taking notes is a very good idea and will pay in the medium/long term.

It will get easier as you learn how to work out the system...

Good luck with your studies !

Here's a few lingots...


Duolingo uses a spaced repetition algorithm that encourages you to practice all your skills at specific intervals of increasing lengths. The algorithm does pay attention to your errors and modify the length of the intervals accordingly, but getting perfect scores will not end the cycle.


Try to think of the skills like pliés, every ballet class you go to the bar and you start with pliés. Even if you have been dancing for many years, and pliés seem very basic, you always do pliés. They are never perfect, you are never finished with them, but with every plié you are getting stronger and preparing for those grande jétés. I find language learning much the same, even though I get a bit stronger ever day, it’s good to keep training the basics.


Thanks for the lingots :)

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