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Il mange une pomme

You said to check all translations, and this could be "he eats an apple" OR "it eats an apple." If this were a male horse, one could say, "it." Please don't tell people they are wrong if they check both of these translations.

July 1, 2012



Since this is a beta version I suggest you send comments every time you disagree with the system


well you go with the one which make sence


Agreed. At the very least, "it" would be used for a small animal that is harder to sex than a horse. (I was going to say a wasp - but in French that is female, just to add to the confusion!) As siebolt says, you need to report it using the link in the exercise.


There's no link to report with on the "Mark all correct translations" questions, or, for that matter, on the transcription questions.


Siebolt--the first thing I did was look for a place to send the comment. Ibrahima, the question asked us to indicate ALL possible correct answers, and they both make sense. If anyone finds the link for comments, please let me know. Thanks, Jane


Use the feedback link on the left hand side. I think you have the option to include a screenshot.


When The system tells me I am wrong, there is a possibility to comment underneath. If you push that button there is a double pop up. in the first you can write the things you consider right, in the second the reason why.


siebolt- the system doesn't give you this option for multiple choice questions.


o.k. I found that out today. To comment I use "questions", hoping the administrators will read them too.

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