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"Er trinkt Bier mit viel Apfelsaft."

Translation:He drinks beer with a lot of apple juice.

January 14, 2018



Germans often serve beer mixed with a fruit juice. In Berlin it's called a Berlinnerweiser, served in a huge glass.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Why isnt it er trinkt bier mit vielem apfelsaft? Since mit is dative


I had the same question.

This link from the University of Michigan's Germanic Languages and Literatures Department suggests that adjectives without determiners generally follow the em/er/en endings in the dative case.

Unfortunately for you and I, it appears there are a few exceptions:

  • Viel and wenig take no adjective endings in the singular when they are not preceded by a determiner (which they usually aren't). They take regular adjective endings in the plural.
  • Hoch drops the "c" and adjectives ending in -el or -er drop their final "e" when they take adjective endings.
  • Some adjectives never take endings, e.g. prima [=great], lila [=purple], rosa [=pink], orange, beige


Wait... who drinks beer with apple juice? Is this a thing?


Only, when you already drank 10 beers and someone dares you to do it. Do not order this in any restaurant.


The Shandy of Germany


I've had banana beer in Bavaria, so this doesn't sound too unusual.


In this sentence "Er" is drinking the beer. You can assume it is a male human.


RoomieOfficial/Joel Berghult/Lil Pitchy followers where you at?


Mit orangensaft schmeckt es besser:-)

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