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What exactly is the difference between a "jacket" and a "coat"

Okay, I keep running into this issue--and perhaps it is some weird French difference that does not translate into English... but Jacket and Coats are the same thing, right? Like how some people say "Pop" and some people say "Soda", right? The lessons however are responding like I should know some difference between a Jacket and a Coat--and as far as I understand, there is no difference.

Maybe me being from Northern Alberta in Canada might also cause issues here--as when it is time to cover up outside--you pretty much are either layering up (multiple sweaters and hoodies) or you are not differentiating in what you cover yourself with too terribly much for your jacket/coat/parka/snowsuit... except possibly a wind breaker for cases where you are dealing with fast winds. I understand having winter be understood as "the time of year when you make reverse icicles if you pee outside" is not a universal constant from having lived in Vancouver for a bit (What they call "winter" here I call "bad camping weather").

This has been throwing me off a lot--as if I do not have two different words to translate into--or even two different concepts to translate the two different French concepts into... I'm going to constantly struggle on that area of vocabulary. Which is kind of annoying, and throwing me into fits of existential quandaries more often than usual (Maybe I am just going existential here... but... how would I know?).

January 14, 2018



jacket: a jacket is generally lighter than a coat, and usually has a certain maximum length to the top of the thigh. If it is longer, it is a coat. A jacket can be worn under a coat.

coat: Usually longer than a jacket, often fluffy. It can be worn over a jacket. If it is long, or it has a belt, then it is a coat. (this is my opinion, it is not an official definition).

There is a large number of outerwear that is a hybrid of coat and jacket, and I can see how they would be called by both names. Casual/sporty, very fluffy, weatherproof, zippered, - I would call these both jacket and coat.


So... when I call something a "long coat" I am being somewhat redundant in my terms?


I consider a jacket as a light-weight, unpadded garment worn when it is a bit chilly or when you are going to a Jazz club. A coat is a heavy garment worn when it's freakin COLD! outside.

So, yes, it is all about your weather.


i like the example of a Jazz club! Yes, I forgot to mention; Jacket is a kind of formal & stylish dress.


I've never really worn anything like a jacket or coat when inside any kind of formal establishment... as both are typically taken by the Coat Check Service... with the only possible exception being Blazers... which I tend to think of as "vests with sleeves"


Mind you, formal establishments have never been my thing. Any place I go to that has any kind of dress code, usually has the dress code involve electrical tape, vinyl clothing, corsets, stockings and other stuff that I generally assume would never fly in a formal establishment.

I mean... I know for a fact the people wearing school girl, nurse and police officer outfits are not dressing to the typical codes for those outfits.

So perhaps I need to go to more Jazz clubs--as those appear to be much less sinful than the places I prefer to frequent... I'm fairly certain this statement has enough people spinning in their graves we could hook them up to turbines and power a small town or something.


A jacket to me is a garment that is not full length, a coat covers more of your body. Can even reach to your knees.


le manteau - coat la jaquette - jacket le veston - jacket

Another suggestion: this website, linguee.com, is great at showing many examples of the use of a word.


I will definitely look into this as an additional resources. Thankies.


I think this is one of these things that can almost be used as a metric of how well you intuitively understand the language.

There isn’t a definitive answer, some coats are jackets and some jackets are coats, and there are some coats that are absolutely not jackets.

I’d agree with pp that a jacket is definitely shorter and lighter than a coat. And if you wore both than the coat would be on top (I suppose there’s your closest definition) a jacket can be smarter; the top half of a suit is a jacket and not a coat. But not always , as denim coat is generally called a jacket too. Even if it’s fleece or fur lined and thick enough to be worn over a suit jacket as a coat.

Clear as mud.


Thank you for the "how well you intuitively understand the language"... as I was also wondering if this is a side effect of Cree being my first language with me going through those annoying "English for Savages" courses that have me no longer able to speak Cree properly... but also did not learn English like how other people got it.

Since I seem to have had Jacket and Coat routinely backwards in my understanding of their definitions based upon other posts.

Gosh... I need to get my library card back together--so I can check out various resources to try to relearn my first language to help further avoid this kind of nonsense.


i like to think of a jacket as something you can where everywhere, at the store, at a restaurant (i get cold at all restaurants, no idea why), at the movie theater. but a coat is heavy and you wear it only when 1) you are just really cold or 2) its cold outside and you'll get cold wearing a jacket.


Yes, a jacket is warm like a cardigan sweater, but provides more protection from the elements.


From the Oxford English Dictionary: Jacket- An outer garment extending either to the waist or the hips, typically having sleeves and a fastening down the front.
Coat- An outer garment with sleeves, worn outdoors and typically extending below the hips.

From the Cambridge Dictionary: Jacket- a short coat.
Coat- an outer piece of clothing with sleeves that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth.

I'm in America, and we don't use the words jacket and coat interchangeably. A jacket is lighter weight and shorter and is usually only useful for spring and fall, while in winter you usually need to wear a heavy coat. But I try to get by with a jacket as much as possible. I haven't worn a coat in about two years. Everywhere we go has the heat on too high, so you can't be dressed too warm.


Eh, I've heard the term "Winter Coat" a bit too often.

In warm weather people tend to go shirtless or just wear a shirt as well as shorts.

But then in cold weather people will go to the 7-11 and purchase slurpees. Yes... in Canada, the areas with the most nasty cold spells will also have an increase in slurpee sales during those really cold times. It is right up there with going to Tim Hortons here.


[url=https://peacoat.org/ike-behar-ladies-fleece-jacket/] It features front side pockets, [/url] removable belt, and has soft anti-pill finish. Further, it has front button closure, stand up collar that are really good to make this jacket more stylish.


well a jacket keeps you from geting wet and a coat keeps you warm

tip; hover over the word and it will tell you witch one it is


That isn't very good for learning, when you understand the differences between Jacket and Coat as being the same as Pop and Soda.


ok yo mantengo corriendo adentro en siecia y quizas es algo exreaño en Francia diferencia que no hace no traducir dentro ingles pero Jaket y Coats son la misma cosa derecho gustar como alguna gente dice "popular"y alguna gente dice "soda"derecho? La leccion sin embargo respondiendo gustar Yo haria saber algunos la diferencia entre jaky y coat como lejos como yo entender.hay no esta la diferencia


Maybe me comenzo desde el norte Albreta en Canada podria ademas acerca de issue aqui como cuando es tiempo podria arriba afuera tu bonita mucho son ya sea aprendiendo arriba(multiples(sueteres y sudaderas)o tu no es diferente en que tu podria tu mismo con tambien terrible mucho para ti(chaqueta-abrigo-parque trajes de nieves exepto posibilidades a ganar interruptores para casas cuando tu estas tratantando son rapido vientos entender teniendo verano entendido como"el tiempo de año cuando tu tomas reversa carambanos si tu pipi afuera"no es universal de constantar tener vida en Vancuber para un poco que ellos llamen invierno aqui yo llamo " malo campamento de invierno.


Esto ha estado lanzamiento me mucho como si no hace tener dos diferentes palabras a traducir dentro o incluso dos diferentes conceptos de traducion de dos diferentes Fraces concepto adentro yo yendo a constantemente lucha en que area de vocabulario.cual tipo de molesto,y lanzamiento me dentro encaja de existencia amenudo que(Mabye Yo soy solo yendo existecial aqui pero haora haria yo saber?


I'm also from Alberta Canada and I also didn't know the difference between jacket and coat until I just googled it now & found this post.

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