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Swahili Club Arizona

Calling all Duolingo SWAHILI superstars :) If you are a motivated Swahili language learner (who also lives in Arizona), I’ve started a group you can find here: 5FD5AR

Swahili Club Arizona emphasizes active learning through regular skills progress and casual chatting in Swahili (English translation available for super beginners), toward eventually meeting in person to practice speaking Swahili.

I started this club because ninajifunza Kiswahili katika chuo kikuu cha Arizona, I am a first year, second term Swahili language student at University of Arizona and want to attract local Swahili learners interested in learning and speaking Swahili beyond the game of it :)

If this is you, join us!

Code again? 5fd5ar

January 14, 2018


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