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That One Thing

Surely for everybody who learns languages there is just that one annoying thing that never seems to click and always is a pain to learn.

For me it's prepositions especially in French, for some reason I struggle to remember them and I have no idea why but it's so annoying ;-;

I'm just interested, what do you all find really difficult to memorise/learn?

January 14, 2018



The verb systems of the Caucasian languages really trip me up.


I have a hard time with adjectives and adverbs in any language. They always seem to slip my mind.


Cases. In. Polish. That's a totally predictable response, I suppose, but it is so difficult.

The other one I find very tricky is plurals in Romanian. They seem unpredictable.


Exceptions! The grammar rule is defined in two sentences , followed by two pages of exceptions.


For German: the Genitive Case
For Dutch: Question words
For Norwegian: The past tense, which should be so very simple, but I’m just starting with the past tense, so...
For Welsh: Sentence structure
Japanese: Katakana and Sentence Structure
Romanian: it’s all pretty simple, even the cases aren’t that difficult, but probably the most difficult things are the phrases. They always seem to slip my mind, even though they’re the first things that I learned in Romanian, basically.


It's various things for various languages. For German it was der/die/das/dem/den. For Esperanto, it was question words. For Japanese it was learning to deal with no spaces. For Korean, it's understanding the various endings.


Honestly, the most annoying part of learning French for me is the spelling. I even struggle on the basic words such as maintenant.


Oh, for me I found that eventually it just clicked. Eventually I came to realise that different combinations of letters make different sounds e.g. Eu makes an "uh" sound


It's different for different languages. In French, it's questions, in Japanese, it's Katakana, in Swedish, it's plural definites, etc.


De/du/de la/des/les in french (so seemingly simple, so endlessly frustrating) everytime I think I get it... I get confused again! In Irish it’s lenition and elipsis... I usually just make a wild guess and hope I am right.


Rolling the Spanish 'r' I sound retarded trying make the sound like a native.


Check out this youtube video. RRRruffles have RRridges.


Remember you want the tongue to vibrate, not your lips. I would say just breathe out through your mouth and keep your tongue loose but try to keep your tongue near to or touching the top of your mouth behind your teeth.

I also use rolled r's to simulate cat purring. And if I try to make the sound from further back in my throat, I can almost sound like Chewbacca.


Thanks! I'll check it out.


well i am learning Spanish and the phrases are easy to learn but i struggle with the clothing words most of the time!


I'm learning French, and I'm having a really hard time with subjunctives. -_-


Ugh, subjunctive. I despised learning that subject back in school.


I find clothing words hard at first because they don't interest me at all


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBTGxLc-lv0 This is a very cheesy Spanish song they played for us in class called "Billy la bufanda". It should help with a few clothing words.


Declensions, I hate them all :D

[deactivated user]

    Good thread.

    For German it's definitely the declensions on the pronouns and the adjectives... 3 genders x 4 cases (though some do repeat) is quite something.

    Example: "new" in German can be neue, neuer, neues, neuen or neuem depending on the context.



    Reflexive verbs and the proper use of "se".

    Por and para is always dubious for me, too.


    Japanese: Keigo (super polite Japanese) Portuguese: Verb conjugations. There are a ton of them!!


    I have a hard time with the particles in Japanese and remembering Kanji. In Swahili it is the stative verbs that I am struggling with.


    prepositions especially in French

    Don't even remind me >_< xD


    Determiner in Hebrew...... I always celebrate when I finally have it gold cuz then I don't have to work on it for a while :P lol

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