Il a bon dos le hasard !

If someone says "Il a bon dos le hasard !" after something just occurred, what does it mean? What does the "dos" indicate?


January 14, 2018


"You refuse to take your responsibilities and you exaggerate by accusing chance while it is you who made the mistake."

Avoir bon dos, avoir le dos large (servir d'excuse) be a convenient scapegoat; be a convenient whipping boy; take the blame

January 15, 2018

Thanks for the quick response!

January 15, 2018

If I may, "avoir le dos large" is not a synonym.

"J'ai le dos large" means that I am strong enough to be loaded with a lot of blames/complaints.

January 17, 2018

"a lot of blame"

January 17, 2018

Il a bon de l'hasard,,,,,He has good luck

January 15, 2018

Cherche le sens de l'expression "avoir bon dos" dans ton dictionnaire préféré. "Il a bon dos le hasard" est une phrase qui exprime le scepticisme de la personne qui la prononce.

January 15, 2018

si algunos dicen despues de algunos solo ocurrido que hace ese hombre?que hace los dos

January 16, 2018

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