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  5. "你的爱好是什么?"


Translation:What are your hobbies?

January 14, 2018



How do I distinguish between singular and plural?


Nouns don't change when used as singular or plural like in english. Either you can tell from context, or you add 一个 for example to talk about a specific thing or 一些 for a few, etc.

This sentence in particular makes no sense as singular, so pluralness is implied. If you want to ask about the single most favourite hobby, you would probably just say so and add 最喜欢.


What is your hobby?


A more natural way to put this would be 你有哪些爱好 or 你爱好有哪些 (plural)


I am not saying you are wrong, but 你的爱好是什么? seems pretty "natural," simple, and remarkably straightforward to me, for either "What is your hobby?" or "What are your hobbies?"


wich are your hobbies? is not correct , i am not a native speaker so i want ot know whay they used what and not wich in spanish is cual

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