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Finished My Spanish Tree!

I finally finished my Spanish tree! (I am only at level 13 because I have not strengthened everything, YET ; ) How long did it take you to finish your first tree and what level were you at?

January 14, 2018



Congratulations on completing your tree! Completing any course on Duolingo is a lot of effort, but the hard work is worth it.

I was on level 13 for both Swedish and Esperanto when I completed them, but it took me about three months to complete my Swedish tree, while it took me less than two weeks to complete Esperanto, most likely because the Esperanto from English course is considerably short.

Best of luck!


Hah I haven't actually completed any trees, but I am closest in Spanish. Just don't feel the need to when I've been learning Spanish in school for almost 4 years now. I'm also fluent in English (duh) and Japanese, so I don't really feel like taking the time to finish the trees.


Grats! I really need to finish my Spanish tree.

I spent more time last week trying to have broken conversations with the native spanish speakers here then actually doing my lessons...


I was level 10 when I finished my French tree. I am looking to finish all the trees in my profile (except Irish I might delete it, it's way to difficult)


Keep going and don't give up on Irish, any language is learnable if you persist. :D


it takes what it takes, you "can" finish any tree in a week but, what do you actually learn that way? i m still fighting with russian, i will be level 25 without having the complete tree and i am not a "gamer" it s just hard and you need to repeat a lot to learn.

Felicidades por el árbol!! Es una gran satisfacción!


Congrats! I finished mine a couple of years ago and I think I was at level 16 or 17 (I finished with a completely gold tree). It was the easiest one for me to finish since I took Spanish classes alongside Duolingo lessons.


Congrats! I don't remember what level I was at when I finished Spanish (that was years back) but when I finished the French tree, I think I was around level 16 or 17. It took me a few weeks (because I already knew a lot of the material and I spent hours a day on the course)


Level 19 in 8 months, all gold. Note I have spent at least twice as much time on French in the subsequent 4 months than I did in those 8 months.


The first tree I finished was Swahili and I was level 16 at the time. It took me about six months.

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