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Using Microphone in Background?

Why is Duolingo using my phone microphone in the background? I have an Android, Samsung Note 8. And Duolingo has been seen accessing the microphone several times a day, in the background, when I'm not even using the app. This has been going on for a couple months, ever since I got this new phone that gives me these notifications. Here are three screenshots in this album (link copied below). To clarify, this is happening when I am NOT using the app. In fact, none of the microphone times listed in the notification are when when I'm actually using the app. They only list times when the microphone is accessed when the app is not open.


January 15, 2018



Have you tried asking Samsung? Especially as the app is not being used.

Or you could try turning the speaking exercises off and see if it continues.

Also, unload Duolingo from your phone’s memory and see if it stops.


I tried turning off the speaking exercises and it still happens. I don't think Samsung will be any help, because the pone simply reports what apps do in the background. It's the Duolingo app that is accessing the microphone in the background for some unknown reason.

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