"We hebben zowel witte als rode wijn."

Translation:We have both white and red wine.

1 year ago



Is "als" necessary in this sentence? Could one replace "als" with "en"?

1 year ago

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Yes, the expression is zowel als. If you wanted to use en, you'd have to rewrite the sentence as "We hebben witte en rode wijn."

1 year ago


Why wasn't "We're having both white and red wine" accepted?

4 months ago

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"We have both white and red wine" shows as another correct solution on Dec. 26, 2018. The meaning of "We're having" is slightly different from "we have" in this sentence, so I'm not sure your version would be accepted. I should have added that "we're having" means you're drinking the wine right now, while "we have" means you have the wine (in your cupboard), or available for customers (in a restaurant).

1 month ago
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