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  5. "Znáš vůbec svou manželku?"

"Znáš vůbec svou manželku?"

Translation:Do you actually know your wife?

January 15, 2018



Since "vůbec" is elsewhere used in the meaning of "at all" -- particularly in the phrase "not at all" -- it seems to me that "Do you know your wife at all?" might be a better choice for the main translation, for consistency's sake. It would never have occurred to me to use "actually" if I'd gotten this as a translation exercise, but maybe I've just missed something somewhere.


The answer given first, Do you know your wife at all?, would more likely be "Don't you know your wife at all?" (expressing incredulity). "Do you actually know your wife?" is a much more perceptive answer and perhaps would be better given as the first answer.


I thought vůbec was for stressing negative sentences, so i'd have (for en->cz) translated it "znáš ůplně svou manželku?". Would that be correct?


No, that would, in a better order "Znáš svou manželku úplně?", mean "Do you know your wife completely?"

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