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feature request that probably doesn't require coding: dialect info for words that vary

I think this is something people working on courses in the Incubator can do themselves.

In any case, the English for Hungarian team managed to do it:

(direct link if the image is a bit hard to make out)

Even if you have no understanding of Hungarian, you might be able to figure out what's going on here: "yard" is a super problematic word between American and British English. So the course creators just included a note that this word means one thing in the U.S. ("Amerikában") and something else in the U.K. ("Nagy-Britanniában") and provided appropriate translations for each.

I'd simply request that in those few instances where such issues arise (anything translated "garden" comes to mind ;) translating between whichever languages, such clearly-labeled indications be included if they're not now. (Ironically, they're actually not in the Hungarian for English course, or at least they weren't when I came across the word "kert," the American translation for "yard" here, I think they only had "garden").

January 15, 2018



Indeed, such things can cause apartment-out misunderstandings; Duolingo should definitely faucet into this idea.


I had to read this post twice because it frazzled my brain entirely 8-o Kudos!

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