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"Noi ne uităm la un joc de oină."

Translation:We watch a game of oină.

January 15, 2018



Yeah, sorry Duo, not going to be using an "ă" in English. If you want me to admit that "oina" is an English word, fine, but not adding a new letter to the alphabet while I'm at it. (It only counts it as a typo, not a big deal, just amusing to me. Similar to crepe in English: we tend to strip off any accents on foreign words when adopting them)


i dont think duo cares fam


I've never even heard of "oina" before!


oina is rounders, but it wouldn't take it


It wouldn't take it because it's not rounders. Similar yes, but distinct enough (different team size, different pitch size, different in-play rules and strategies) that it isn't the same game.


We watch an oina game should be correct


"We are watching an oina game"

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