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Past Imperfect--possible error?

Wondering why "Il fallait des manger" translates to "we had to eat" instead of "they had to eat." Is that an error or just one of those odds things? Thanks!

January 15, 2018



"Falloir" always takes the impersonal pronoun "il".
"il faut" translates to "it is necessary" so "il fallait" = "it was necessary".

To specify for whom it was necessary you need to add an indirect object pronoun - "Il leur fallait manger" = "It was necessary for them to eat".


Il fallait des manger - isn't correct French.

Perhaps you mean Il fallait manger - which translate to It was necessary to eat.

There is no indicator for a personal pronoun - so every translation: I, you, he, she, we, they ... etc. would be correct.


Maravilloso porque"tuve que comer traduce a "nosotros teniamos a comer en lugar "ellos tienen que comer"es que es un error o solo de aquellas posibilidades?Gracias.

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