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"Have a good afternoon, Rehema"

Translation:Mchana mwema Rehema

January 15, 2018



I am a new student to duolingo. I am Canadian by birth and am now living in Kenya. What is the difference between "mwema" and "njema"?


It depends on the noun class of the thing it refers to. Mchana is in the m-mi class (although it generally has no plural because it's uncountable), so it's mwema. Another word like jioni for example, which belongs to the N-N class, will be described as njema.

There's a table of all the forms here:


Don't get overwhelmed by the number of forms yet. Mostly the prefixes are similar to the prefixes on nouns and this course takes you through the classes one at a time.


what's wrong w/ "mchana mzuri"?


"mchana mzuri" would usually be interpreted as a beautiful afternoon - it wouldn't be used in this context (meaning I have never heard it anywhere :) )


Why not 'Mchana njema' ?


Because adjectives in Swahili have a different prefix depending on the class of the noun they refer to/correlate with. "mchana" is class 3 (plural in class 4 "michana") and therefore the adjective "-ema" will always become "mwema". "Njema" is used with nouns of the n-classes (9 and 10).


Is habari za mchana incorrect?


I would suggest it's wrong as it is a greeting that kind of means "good afternoon" but in a way that's more like "how's your afternoon" literally"news of the afternoon" whereas in this case you're seeking to wish that someone's afternoon goes well... So "mwema"


The "hint" is wrong: habari za...


This sound file doesnt sound right. The word is Mchana and it sounds nothong like that.

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