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"I believe the company is bad."

Translation:저는 회사가 나쁘다고 믿어요.

January 15, 2018



Can someone explain the grammar? Could I say 회사가 나쁜것 같아요 and have a similar meaning?


Your sentence has a similar meaning but translates to "The company seems bad". It's not as strong as saying "I believe".

The grammar works like any other quote, like 엄마가 춥다고 했어 - mom said it's cold. ~다고 하다 is quoting someone's statement (not commands or questions). You can use the same ~다고 ending for the verb and add 믿다 or 생각하다 for I believe/I think (x).

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회사가 나쁜 것 같다 is more like saying 'it looks like the comapany is bad'. So this is more of a guess or asssumption. 회사가 나쁘다고 믿다 has more certainity.


같아요 means i think, implying doubt. 믿다 is belief which is more certain


Why is 회사가 나쁘다고 저는 믿어요 wrong?


The order of words is wrong and it sounds unnatural as well.


How about 저는 회사가 나쁜 것을 믿어요


I can't say if anyone else agrees or not, but this is one of the weirdest lessons. 솔직히, 이건 아주 이상하다!


Got wrong for using 제가 instead of 저는? Am i missing something?

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