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"Why do you start the computer?"

Translation:Warum startest du den Computer?

January 15, 2018



Why is "Warum starten Sie den Computer?" an incorrect translation? Why is the correct answer only the "du" form and not the "Sie" form as well?


It is not incorrect! You have used the polite form which is fine.


Why is the verb not at the end of the question?


Because there's no reason for it to be.

This is not a subordinate clause, nor is there an infinitive or a past participle.

It's a WH question (one with a question word at the beginning), and those have the verb in the second position just like statements.


Does "anmachen" work here?


"to turn up" means to make louder/higher, or suddenly appear; not something generally used in terms of computers.

"to turn on" should work, though. But that is better represented by "einschalten" in German.

starten = to start, to start up, to power up, to boot up (computer specific)

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