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Tips and Notes?

While preparing to go through a new lesson, I noticed that the Tips and Notes section had disappeared. I switched to another language to see if it was just a bug for the one, but it was gone there as well.

Is anybody else experiencing this? Is it a bug, or is Duolingo trying something?

January 15, 2018



Some lessons don't have tips and notes (are pretty much vocabulary only) ... I just looked at some of the lessons for German where I knew tips and notes existed (on the web version), and they're still there for me.


That's what I did too, but they still weren't there for me, even though I know they're supposed to be.


What lesson in which course?

Not every lesson has Tips and Notes. Are you sure that there are supposed to be Tips and Notes for the lesson you are working on?


Yes, I'm positive. I saw it there before, but now all the tips and notes in every language I'm studying is gone.

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