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Sharing tree completion

@ Duolingo team : I just completed the German skill tree :DD I am very happy and I would have loved to share it with my friends, which is not possible Are you planning to implement such a feature ?

January 15, 2018



I thought it was possible? When you click on the golden owl, a certificate will pop up allowing you to share it with friends (through Facebook/Twitter).

(BTW, congratulations on finishing your tree:))


Thanks but I do not get this button, only a congratulation message and an invitation to get every lesson golden


It is only in Duolingo's web version


I am on PC... Adblock disabled... I don't have it :x


I can share it via my Firefox browser:

  • click on the golden owl and an anonymous certificate will appear
  • right-click your mouse on the certificate
  • click on "share this page"
  • click on "More" and you will be redirected to this webpage https://activations.cdn.mozilla.net/en-US/
  • choose the service, that you want to use for sharing your certificate


take a screen shot of the last few lessons


You are really nice!Don't might everybody!Better more!I am just level 8 at German , level 6 at French , level 4 at Chinese!I am want to be better like you, or maybe than you!!!


Congrats on finishing your tree!

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