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"Nikdy nenosí takovou silnou bundu."

Translation:She never wears such a thick jacket.

January 15, 2018



Just one of the options. He and They are also correct.


'silná bunda' would ber the normal expression for a thick or heavy jacket? And presumably 'silný kabát' would be used for a thick or heavy coat?


I'd use "tlustý", personally.


Do you ask with an inclusive or exclusive or? Anyway, thick coats or jackets are usually also heavy by I think it primarily relates to them being thick. Personally, I would use this exactly as presented in the sentence.


But silný means strong rather than thick or heavy...so to me as an English speaker, to say 'strong coat' seems very idiomatic.


thick coat is much more common and is therefore used here https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=thick+coat%2Cstrong+coat

Well, here we actually have a jacket, but it is the same.

I can see that strong is not accepted. I will add it if I find enough usage.


FWIW, on the EN side, I think "heavy" would be a more natural alternative to "thick" than "strong" would be in this translation. We often speak of "heavy" coats and jackets, but rarely of "strong" ones.

UPDATE 27 Sep 2019 -- "Heavy" has been added as an alternative to "thick."


24 Sept 2020. HEAVY is not included in the tiles. It would be my word of choice in this context.


Thick jacket is fine. You're right strong jacket doesn't really work.


Yes, a heavy jacket or a thick coat rolls off the tongue easily enough. Strong might be OK if you were referring to the workmanship being very well done to endure certain conditions, otherwise it sounds strange.


@BrianSille2 Only the words for the main translation are included in the tiles. Here in every other single sentence on Duolingo.

If you wish to use other words, switch to keyboard input.


Is it really wrong / or too inaccurate, please? "She never wears a jacket that thick."

(Experimentally reported)


Thanks, that was a missing translation, it's also correct, added now. (We're over 1400 now)

And of course, no new report :/


Wow! I suppose in both directions. Or just to English?


Just to English --- there are many possible combinations (he/she/they), (thick/heavy), (such, like this, like that, that kind of....)


That's really awesome!


If "Nikdy nenosí takovou silnou bundu." is "She never wears such a thick jacket.", what would be the czech sentence if you remove the word "a"?

  • She never wears such thick jacket.


And what is your idea about the difference between those two sentences? IMO removing the indefinite article just makes it ungrammatical without changing the meaning.


That sentence is incorrect in English.

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