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Please Verify Your Email Address

Hi everyone,

We aim to keep Duolingo’s forum a safe and productive learning environment. And do you know what’s neither safe nor productive? Spammers and trolls who use fake or unauthorized email addresses to do their dirty work.

With that in mind, we will soon require that users verify their email address in order to participate socially on our forum. This includes posting, commenting, voting, as well as adding friends. Verifying your email is a quick action that can be completed in your account settings here, and you’ll be nudged with a banner at the top of the forum until this change takes effect:

Keeping learning content accessible for everyone is mission-critical, so every user will continue to be able to use Duolingo and browse all forum content without a verified email.

As with every change, we will monitor the community impact and listen to your feedback. Our goal is that all users – from Gold Moderators to day-one learners – benefit from a reduction in spam and an improvement in safety and content quality. If we don’t see this improvement, we will roll this change back.

Thanks for learning with Duolingo!

UPDATE Thu Jan 18 18: We are aware that some email clients and/or settings are impacting the way the email is displaying, in a way that it is not displaying the button to some of you. This seems to be the case particularly with "throwaway" email accounts you find on the web (and we do not recommend nor guarantee the email will work on their platform); but it also appears to be happening to some Outlook users. If you cannot see the button in the email message, you can try:
1) disabling HTML and viewing the text-only version;
2) Trying a different email client;
3) If you are using Outlook with the settings that display the email incorrectly, try using your email provider's website instead, or accessing it some other way;
4) Wait for it to be repaired; we are working on a fix and will update this conversation when it is out so you can test it. Remember, you should not be blocked until a month from this announcement, so we appreciate your patience. Thank you for reporting the issue!

If you just want some general guidance, here is also a support page article here. You can also report bugs following these instructions.

January 15, 2018



No point in rolling it back, unless you actively want to promote lack of safety. It’s bog standard internet practice these days.

I would hope you will also, along with this, be implementing a policy of cutting spammers off more quickly. If they don’t respond to, say, X e-mails from a moderator with warnings (where X is a low number like 2-3), then you should block their access to forum posting right away. Most of the trouble comes from kids who post nonsense over and over again without any apparent penalty whatsoever.


A better idea would be a shadowban. If they received a notification that they can no longer post, they'll probably just make a new account and continue. This way they'll think they're spamming, but in reality they're wasting their time.


The majority of the younger users who do this seem to be in actual physical classes together and are effectively messaging one-another instead of learning. Shadow-banning would be pretty obvious to them as they'd see each-other's screens. A simple ban would be effective here as they will have to let their teacher know why they are changing accounts.


But they are likely to be trolling rather than spamming, surely? One doesn't tend to find schoolchildren advertising or trying to direct us to malicious sites.


Either way it clutters the forum and is not welcome here.


But may require a different response.


Spamming can take a number of forms, notably repeating the same linguistically irrelevant message on many sentence discussion forums, or posting gibberish, or asking a question already answered several times on the same thread, or telling how frustrated one is to not know things before learning them, or complaining that the target language is not similar to one's mother tongue, or begging for lingots... the list is very long.



Since 2003 (when your article was written), the internet world has expanded quite a bit and bad manners as well. We might want to find another word to describe "spam/-ming/-mers" in a broader sense to mirror this dreadful expansion.


Then there's the more traditional definition of internet spam as unsolicited commercial email. See http://www.pewinternet.org/2003/10/22/part-2-what-is-spam-anyway/ , which discusses that and other definitions (so in a way it's about language! :) ).

According to that one, both of you (Spitesurf and Luscinda, to keep this clear later if more people reply the thread) are lumping together some non-spam with the spam.


I agree Sitesurf! Glad to hear from you today!



Moi aussi ! :-)


This is unrelated, but will Duolingo ever make it so clubs can be accessed on computers and not just the app?


I know a troll or bully who did it. Roblox kings 99,

During my post, Roblox kings 99 was bullying me first like he said "who told u this bruh " "who told you the diaryofwimpykid book bruh" Then after, he said "give me lingots pls" Then someone came to my defense. Then I was forced to delete my post due the ongoing drama. So maybe roblox kings 99 should be banned


Shadowban would still work. There wouldn't be any way for them to switch to another account without revealing that they are using the discussion boards for chatting. And even then they can still get shadowbanned again.

I also really wish moderators had the power to contact the teachers of students using Duolingo to let them know of their activities.


I also really wish moderators had the power to contact the teachers of students using Duolingo to let them know of their activities.

Me too...


Shouldn't there be a feature where the teacher can check the students' comments?

[deactivated user]


    Same here. Then the teachers would know if their students are following instructions, and if not, the teachers could allow the moderators to limit the amount of time students are allowed to spend on Duolingo, or some other restriction.


    we are still working!


    Yes I agree even though I am not a teacher


    But the server still has to host that.


    Maybe they can disappear after a set amount of time (like 2-3 mins). Plus doing that would emulate exactly what happens to spam here: downvoted to oblivion and/or deleted.


    Shadowbanning sucks and is really frustrating. Especially if it is done by algorithms like on Twitter or Reddit.


    my account was shadowbanned for no reason, so i hate shadowbans.


    Same here. I was trying to chat with my friends, but then I realized that no one saw my messages and that I was shadowbanned. GOD, was I irritated.


    There is always a serious reason, that you may or may not agree with, which is another story. If with your other account, you had spent months doing nothing else than following dozens of people and chatting on their streams, chances are you might have given Duolingo some reason to shadowban you.


    Okay this has nothing to do with this topic sorry, BUT HOW MANY LANGUAGES ARE YOU LEARNING???!!!


    This is an example of an out of place topic. You should make a post in a forum if you want that answered or just look at people's profiles.

    On another note. I hate how when someone who has studied many languages posts in Duolingo forum and people are like "Wow! Do you know all those languages?" Make a forum post about polyglots if you want to know that! Even when someone has a massive streak it's kind of out of place to ask about that too.


    I can see how it can be annoying, but I'm pretty sure it is a curious inquiry and suppose to be taken as encouragement like "that is an amazing accomplishment." It isn't ill intended, and those type of messages likely won't ever go away.

    Plus if everyone who was going to make a comment like that started their own discussion, it would just make things worse.


    just let them be!! Stop talking crap! Is good to learn more than one language is very important. That means they are smart.


    probably all the languages there are in the world


    More than you, duck.


    Wotcher, cock! Long time, no see.


    I so agree with that, there seems to be many spammers lately; all those "I need lingots", "Follow me", "Hhh..." and other nonsensical threads...it takes a day or two to take them down. It must be the "New Year wave". Their accounts seem to just reduplicate, instead of an email address being banned.


    Exactly because it's a standard practice it might prove to be completely futile (I don't think it will be though - it will filter some out but probably not the worst ones). I'm an amateur at coding, but I still know plenty of tricks to get around it, thus bot creators almost certainly do too. Considering you can relatively quickly create multiple (unique) e-mail addresses, it might not even stop people with bad intentions who do not have any coding skills.

    -> in case it doesn't work well it's just a barrier without a function.


    "bog standard" sounds like a very British phrase. I can't imagine an American saying it. In fact, it is apparently a fairly recently evolution of the language.

    I think of a bog as a swamp. I can't imagine a Cajun saying something like "We're having a 'bog-standard' crawfish boil". (As opposed to a non-standard-bog crawfish boil?)

    Sorry, I'm not really trolling you - just showing an interest in the differences of just my own native language as it spans across the globe.

    I think obvious spammers should get no warnings at all. Obvious trolls shouldn't either.

    But we should be careful as to what we call a troll. (I suspect some have already decided this was one)

    I save all my trolls for the local papers......just kidding.....I can't even bring myself to troll them anymore. It's too pathetic.


    There are not enough upvotes or "likes" in the universe for me to adequately express my thanks.
    I know this was a booger-bear to retro-fit and implement, and I thank you profoundly.

    I do have a question: will the up- and down-votes of accounts with non-verified email addresses be removed, or will we be drawing a line in the sand and saying "no voting from this point forward without a verified email address"?

    It's a point of curiosity more than anything else.


    As the feature is now, attempting to vote will send a verification email. It will not allow voting until the user has verified their email.


    Sorry, I wasn't clear.

    What about old votes from the past?
    If an account fails to verify by the deadline, will those old votes be erased?


    No, those will stay the same.


    Thank you for taking the steps to verify email and explaining about the old votes. However, there have been obvious abuses of voting. One example is that of the Post asking for Finnish. At one point, the post had 2500+ upvotes and one person (or a small group) were able to use extra accounts to bring the Finnish post upvote count to below 100.

    Are there steps being taken to remove those accounts that have been abusing the voting system? Somehow, someone who would create hundreds of accounts in order to downvote posts does not seem like someone who wants to learn languages.

    Again, thank you for your new email verification process.


    AFAIK, the Finnish post dropped down from 2500+(°) at the same time as various other posts. Therefore, it's IMO more likely due to a bug rather than a troll vote. In fact, someone even claimed recently (but I cannot verify the assertion so it's a "information" to be taken with precaution) that they saw it droping from 2500+ to exactly 0, which would not happen with trolls (they'd need at least few minutes), and that the 300+ votes it has now are due to people (like that user) who re-voted since the drop.

    (°) which, by the way, can also includes (many?) "multi-account" positive votes...


    The Finnish post did not drop at the same time as other posts. It came much later. First it was the English for Georgian speakers, then the Latin thread, then Finnish. They did not happen at the same time.


    Yes! Finally the trolls will go away!

    Thank you very much for this!


    You don't have much experience of trolls if you believe that.


    Thank you very much for implementing this "hoped for long" feature!


    For the email addresses, it might be a good idea to add checks against "false" unique e-mail addresses.

    For example in gmail:




    -> are treated by gmail as one and the same e-mail address while many systems don't recognize them as being the same email address. It should be quite easy to check against it (if the email address ends with gmail.com or googlemail.com then remove any text after a + and before the @ and remove all dots).

    This isn't the only potential issue but the easiest one to use for people with bad intentions and it's quite widely known.

    For people without bad intentions, you can use this trick too to use a "different" email address on different websites and for different contacts. I.e if you use youremail+Facebook@gmail.com solely to register on Facebook and you get spam emails directed at it, you know Facebook either sold your email or that your Facebook account might be compromised. Or use something less obvious and log them in a DB together with the website you use it for, if you're very paranoid about it - not necessary if you keep old confirmation emails as you can simply search for it in your inbox.


    No. That would also destroy mail filtering for many people.


    One can filter based on the "FROM" field (+ SUBJECT, if needed for subfolders among all Duo emails) instead than on the "TO" field.
    So such filters can be easily updated on users' side. Hence, IMO, this should not be a reason to not do what elvper suggests.


    The "base" e-mail address could just get extracted for a uniqueness check without it replacing the e-mail address you've entered.


    Exactly. Store the address as entered, but use a normalized version when checking uniqueness.


    One further suggestion:
    Un-verified users shall NOT be able to have profile information and publish their bio field (free text field)!!

    Look at Memrise!
    Too many new fake accounts which result in .ru sex advertisments.

    When will DuoLingo bring a report / spam button???

    As a company you CAN not always edit bio fields from fake accounts!


    Why on earth would you edit the field rather than delete the account in the face of that sort of activity?


    This depends Luscinda.

    If it is a NEW user from the past days, it was clearly just a FAKE user.

    If it is a long-term Duo user with courses or just a few levels/XPs it may be a relatively fresh user account probably from the e.g last ~3-6 months:

    And this means a Duo user account was hacked - maybe including the e-mail server account (for using the same passwords) - and so the bio / profile was changed by the hacker only.

    When I reported a user (ticket id, submit report button) staff only edited the profile info, not deleted the account.

    So maybe it was a normal user account....who knows without seeing the full detail database history incl. sign-up date.
    But IMHO it clearly was NOT a long-term user with high levels/XPs or multiple courses....so I have no idea why no delete happened.
    I wrote it once on the Memrise community forum:

    If you are support staff and working on a reported ticket, you have to be very careful NOT to delete hacked (good/normal) DuoLingo accounts.

    So the best workaround is more control over what profile and bio information can be edited / published or edited without confirmation.


    Just like that asthma attack near Vesuvius, this will be the end of Gaius, as I have no idea what throwaway email address I used to sign up.

    Fair enough, but question: will previous posts from unverified users remain? For a while I spent a bit of time helping English learners, and I wouldn't want that to be all for naught.


    You can see what email address is connected to your account in your Settings.


    I am sure there are many in this situation, and they should allow for its resolution. It looks as if you can easily change it in “settings” before you request verification.


    I just got the email verification banner.
    I clicked on the verify link, and it showed me the email address it was about to send a verification message to.
    I had the option to edit that email address if it was not the one I wanted to use.
    Then click a button, check email, click another button, and you're done!


    It's a very simple and effective process. ;)


    So just to clarify. In the future for every post, discussion, vote or lingot I make/give, I will have to go to my email and verify for each such activity every time I do one of them?

    It does not seem wise to do this until near the deadline. So around February sixteen is the time I have to do it right?

    On the upside, will Duolingo stop eating my posts if I have to email verify each one? Sometimes it does that, so I find it helpful to copy them just in case!

    I hope the security will be better with this move Duolingo is making.


    No, you verify your email once (forever, as long as you don't change the email address associated to your Duo account).


    Oh, great! I was thinking that's a great way to slow those trolls down! Making it so you had to verify your email address every time you did something, but also a nuisance for posters. I shall do it! Thank-you!


    I cannot properly express how happy and grateful I am to see this fully rolled out. This is long awaited and excitedly met. It confirms, in a long line of confirmations, that staff is paying attention to feedback and that patience goes a long way.

    I know that we (moderators as well as general community members) cannot get everything that we request. However, it goes on a long list of mod and general community requests for changes that Duolingo has implemented. Somewhere around here in the forums, I was beginning to gather such a list of changes off the top of my head. (A very small list compared to the true number of changes.) But, I seem to have misplaced it among other posts in the forums for the moment.

    Anyhow, I wanted to take this moment to recognize Duolingo staff members who have observed and kept track of such requests and taken the lists into meetings, and all of the people in those meetings who took the time to talk out the ideas, and all of the staff who put together what was needed to program the test groups and observe the data. These changes take so much staff time and energy to bring about. So, thank you!


    I'm so ecstatic over this! For months I've been awaiting a fix for spam and trolls on the forums and it is finally happening!

    There are not enough words to express my gratitude so I'll just stick with this:

    Thank you so much Duolingo! :)



    Can you also turn on some sort of notifications when somebody answers to your post on the forum? The e-mail notifications do not always work and sometimes I forget to follow everything I write on the forum..


    Thank you for implementing this feature on Duolingo, and for keeping Duolingo a safe environment!

    Your hard work is appreciated. :)


    The "Confirm Email" button in the verification email does not always render properly (see several comments from folks who couldn't see it; in my case I could see the background color, but not the words). It might be helpful to add a link in the email that goes to the same place as the button in case the button doesn't render well enough.


    Thanks, please read my response to Aki-Mugetsu about this issue!


    I have just got the notification and verified my e-mail.
    Thanks for this change!


    I understand the reason for this change, but am sad because it will stop me from participating in the forums. I use Duolingo from a computer that I wouldn't be comfortable having connected to my real-world identity, so I invented an e-mail address when signing up. Despite my fake e-mail address, I like to think I've been a good citizen on Duolingo, asking only appropriate questions, answering other people's questions helpfully, and being fairly generous with my lingots. I'm neither a spammer nor a troll, just a person with limited computer access.

    I'm grateful that I'll be able to continue practicing my languages on Duolingo, even after I'm cut off from posting to the forums.


    Why not creating an email address specifically for Duolingo?

    Also, about

    I use Duolingo from a computer that I wouldn't be comfortable having connected to my real-world identity

    Even by putting in your Duo settings your true email address (the one you want to protect), the computer will not be linked to this email address: the email address will only appear in the settings of your Duolingo account, not in your computer.
    And, if you fear that someone may use your computer and find your email address, then just log out from Duolingo after using it. The same way you log out from your email account/program after using it to avoid for anyone who accesses your computer to have access to your email address.


    For general information. I have been using a throw-away account since I started with DL two years ago.

    I rarely look at it, but have had no problems related to DL, that know.


    ColdBird, I don’t know if you have solved the issue yet, but if not :

    I tried using a throw-away email, and it works. You can use it just for verifying and coming back on your usual address. It can also be useful for you in lots of situations if you don’t want this computer to be connected to your identity (I use it for instance when I have to provide an address for a website I will never use again, and that also avoid having lots of spam).

    I use for instance yopmail.com, it suppresses the emails automatically after 8 days, you can only receive (and not send) and there is no password. You can if you don’t want others to look into your mailbox use the "alias" provided (not the word allowing you to connect to it, so people should not know it :D).


    Thank you to everyone who had suggestions, especially Aki-Mugetsu. I'm very happy to say that I'm now a verified Duolingo user! The yopmail site is going to be very useful for so many situations.


    There are some topics that fall in the grey zone for spam. They're considered spam by some and not by others.

    Maybe creating general subject folders would help some. Right now everything is organized by language. Things would be further organized into folders such as "accomplishments", "help with a language", "general questions", "informational items", "socializing", "clubs", "ect" for example. It would make is easier for someone to find the discussions they're interested in and avoiding the one's they aren't (or consider to be spam).


    I agree well with that, especially for accomplishments. I understand why people would be happy to claim their streak of their finishing the tree, or seek motivation by looking as those who do, but sometimes it’s not what I’m looking for. Maybe also something like "general resources" per language? I see lots of really useful posts about that, I think it would be good to but them together in a sticky post for each language ^^


    Right now everything is organized by language.

    Plus a general forum and a "Troubleshooting" forum (=for any question about how Duo works + to ask the community for help about what may be a bug)

    For instance,

    • "general questions" => "troubleshooting" forum if they are general questionabout Duolingo, the corresponding course's forum if they are general question about a language/a country (where the language is spoken)
    • "clubs" : there are internal chat to clubs AFAIR, so discussions should be in there, not in forums.
    • "socializing": Duo staff decided the forums weren't for that.
    • "help with a language" => in the course's forum.

    Have a look to this short guide (written after discussions with staff to know what they mean to be posted where, then sticky by Duo staff) to help you knowing where to post a discussion on Duolingo’s forums.


    I’ve received the email, it says that I have to click on a button, but there is nothing to click on. Has it still been verified, since I used it to access some discussions? (the "view discussion" for the ones I follow works, so I’ve accessed Duolingo from my email quite a lot of times).


    The email verification is needed to participate to the forums, not to view them (as far as we've been told by the OP). Also, the restriction itself (for the unverified email addresses) will take place later, still according to the OP (in approx. 30 days according to the OP's screenshot). So the fact that you can access discussions doesn't tell anything about the email having been verified.

    When you go to the settings of your account, is there a button or a (red) text about verifying your email?


    Yes I understand, but what I wanted to say is that, since I came to these discussions by following the notification emails, it could count as verifying it. Since I don’t see anything in the settings, I guess it means it’s ok? (I had a look before too, because I wanted to have another verification email, and couldn’t find where to ask for another one to be sent). Thank you for your answer, if people with non-verified emails have a warning in the settings, then it means mine counts as verified!


    It will not. After the probation period expires, you will not be able to post without actively verifying the email .


    Please try another email provider, it appears that some email clients are stripping the button for some reason, and is tricky for us to fix because we don't know which ones it is affecting, since all the email clients we have tested on have worked.


    Then send a link and not a picture. As Katrina says, if it going to be identified as a threat, you shouldn't be sending it in the first place.


    I don’t have infinite addresses. So, for the moment, I’ll just wait and expect for it to be fixed (like, for instance, as Luscinda said, by sending a direct link). If I really don’t have a choice, then I might have to create another email just for that, but I would still prefer to avoid this waste of time (and server space). Anyway, thank you for the answer. I thought it was ok yesterday, since I couldn’t see the banner anymore, but it’s here again :/


    But why should you? How much time are we expected to waste on this ridiculous charade, traipsing round the internet guessing which sites will suit them? The attitude that wants you to do that is anything but 'helpful'.

    In the meantime, the French board is filling up with unpleasant sexist spam from silly school kids, so perhaps, Helpful, you could be helpful and remove it.


    I agree that creating a new email address would be stupid and unproductive (for everyone), especially considering that I don’t even know if this other one will work, but that is why, for the moment, I will wait. I don’t know who’s responsible of this, and there is no point for me in blaming people who might not have the power to change that. I’ll see how it evolves. Since I’m not the only one with this problem and since we still have quite a lot of time, I hope the information will be sent to those who are in charge of these emails and that they will change it, provide a direct link, or I don’t know what. I have some more serious problems in my life, so I will not make myself stressed with this verification email :D


    HelpfulDuo, I finally verified my email by disabling the html, therefore seeing the direct link written. I’m glad my email let me do that. As it was helpful for me, I’m giving the tip in case it can also help others, but maybe you should consider sending the link from the beginning :)

    I saw some other people having the same problem as me, maybe you could also give this answer to them, or add it to the topic.


    Hi Aki-Mugetsu! We have been looking into this since the reports came in yesterday, and are hoping to include a link for those of you who cannot see the button. You are correct, if your email can disable HTML you see the text version, which should not have any issues at all. However, we do not want anyone to get stuck when using settings or email addresses we have not tested with. Thank you and all the ones who reported, we are on it! Remember you will not be prevented from using the forums until about a month from now, so if your email did not work, please wait for the updated version. Thanks! =]


    I am not receiving any emails !!!!!

    [deactivated user]

      Sounds good.


      Yes...thank you for adding this feature!


      IT. DOESN'T. WORK.

      OK, I have wasted my time on this nonsense, creating webmail addresses for the purpose, and provided you with a functioning email address. Your message shows an image that tells me to push an invisible button below - a 'button' that does not show in webmail. So I forward it to a different account and now all images are missing. It is therefore impossible to do as you ask. Your fora have been descending into anarchy for some time because you have driven away those who actually wanted to engage in relevant conversation whilst you suppressed that in favour of wall to wall spam and playground inanity. Carry on like this and there will really be nothing left. Congratulations.


      Whoa, sorry to hear that! Is it possible that your email client does not display HTML elements properly? We have tested several clients and devices and the email has displayed fine on all of them, so it should certainly not be impossible (you seem to be the first person reporting this problem to us, and it is hard to replicate without knowing the client). Maybe try changing to a new email address (from a different client) in your settings and resending, or if you are using a temporary/throwaway email client, perhaps try a different one and see if that is better?


      It looks like MS Outlook (I'm running the 64-bit version from Office 365 on Win 10) is the culprit in my case. I was able to open the email in a couple of other clients and see the button correctly. I tried many things to see if I could correct or nail down the source of the problem without avail. I did see many discussion threads about folks having HTML-rendering issues in Outlook. The problem is that a lot of people use that client.

      If you would like to do any testing, please let me know; I'll be happy to help.


      It doesn't work for me, I'm afraid (though I'm sending it to a burner webmail address rather than home/work, obviously, so not seeing it in outlook). I don't have a plain text option, just an 'original' button which just produces a load of old

      PCFET0NUWVBFIGh0bWw+CjxodG1sPgoKPGhlYWQ+CgogIDxtZXRhIGh0dHAtZXF1aXY9IkNvbnRl bnQtVHlwZSIgY29udGVudD0idGV4dC9odG1sOyBjaGFyc2V0PXV0Zi04Ij4KICA8bWV0YSBuYW1l

      Thanks for the thought, though.


      Disclaimer: Not saying that what is below is an handy nor a "final" solution, just trying to help verifying your email.

      If you use a webmail, are you able to find a "https://www.duolingo.com/verify/XXXXXXXXXXXXX&..." link if you

      1. Right-clic anywhere on the content of the email then click on "Inspect"
      2. Once your browser"s console is opened (due to Step 1.), search in said console for "/verify/" (include the slashes, but not the quote marks)

      The search should return only one result which should be highlighted. in it, you should see a link like


      where the "XXXXXXXXXXXXX" part is a sequence of characters and the "&..." may be there (with "..." replaced by whatever) or not.
      If so, the link to verify your email is starting with "https://www" and ending with the last character before the & symbol.


      the body text comes up as gobbledegook. & is not there.

      This let me think that you're looking at the "original" (=source code) version(°) of the email instead of the console's elements of the email itself.
      Cf. my point "1." of my "just to be sure" comment.

      (°) the one where you have "PCFET0NUWVBFIGh0bWw+CjxodG1sPgoKPGhlYWQ+CgogIDxtZXRhIGh0dHAtZXF1aXY9IkNvbnRl bnQtVHlwZSIgY29udGVudD0idGV4dC9odG1sOyBjaGFyc2V0PXV0Zi04Ij4KICA8bWV0YSBuYW1l"

      The word verify only appears in the subject line

      This let me think that you're looking at email itself instead of the console of your browser.
      Cf. my point "2." of my "just to be sure" comment.

      There's no excuse for it being in this showy format at all.

      But it's like this, so if we (=you, the Duo community (myself among it)) want to find a way for you to verify your email, we unfortunately have to do with it.
      I think you made your point to Duo (which, I think, started to roll out this 30days before probably to have feedback about it not working because of this or that), but keeping repeating it will not help you to verify your email.

      Let me re-explain the process I was describing but with screenshots this time.

      If you use a WEBMAIL, are you able to find a "https://www.duolingo.com/verify/XXXXXXXXXXXXX&..." link if you

      1. Right-clic anywhere on the content of the email then click on "Inspect".

        So you have to do the right-clic on the email itself. Not on the "original" view (=the one you have after clicking the "original button, the one with texts like PCFET0NUWVBFIGh0bWw+CjxodG1sPgoKPGhlYWQ+CgogIDxtZXRhIGh0dHAtZXF1aXY9IkNvbnRl bnQtVHlwZSIgY29udGVudD0idGV4dC9odG1sOyBjaGFyc2V0PXV0Zi04Ij4KICA8bWV0YSBuYW1l).
        For example, in the above screenshot I click on the word "ton".
      2. Once your browser"s console is opened (due to Step 1.),

        open the console's search-engine. To do so, first click anywhere inside the console then press "CTRL+F" or "CMD+F" (or the typical key-combination that triggers the search-engines on your computer.
        Then, type /verify/ in the search-engine of the console (cf. "1." in the below screenshot) and press ENTER. It should make appear and highlight still in the console (cf. "2." in the below screenshot), the HTML Element where the link is.



      If the search engine of your browser's console, doesn't find /verify/ no need to search manually, it's not there.

      Just to be sure :

      1. You made "right-click->inspect" on the content of the email itself? Not on the "source code" / "original" display of the email. And neither on the email's title.
      2. You used the search-engine of the browser's console? Not the search engine of the browser.


      I know I don't need to search manually, but it's not there. The word verify only appears in the subject line and the body text comes up as gobbledegook. & is not there. It's ridiculous. There's no excuse for it being in this showy format at all.


      Both, as I told you. There isn't an option for view plain text.

      Let me re-explain the process I was describing but with screenshots this time

      Except that it isn't there. All manner of other rubbish.

      div class="opaque-box" id="copyright

      script src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js" async=""/script

      div class="tab_content hidden_tab" id="about" data-title=" div class="loading-tab"img width="120" height="15" alt="Loading" src="/img/page-loader.gif"/div /div

      Interestingly, one of those sounds like the sort of thing I don't want anywhere near my computer.

      It's just typical Duo SNAFU and StLoY.


      *Seems your looking at your console on a Duolingo page instead of looking at the console on the page where you have your webmail open with the verification email open

      So, you achieved to open the console (on Duo's webpages), just do the same on the address verification email, in your mailbox. Cf. my first image start by opening your the email Duo sent you, the one where you cannot see the button, the one displayed in my first image.*

      No, I didn't. That is copied from the console at the bottom of the webmail tab, opened by clicking exactly as you suggested.

      (Incidentally, you achieve x in English, not 'achieve to' and we generally achieve nouns.)

      Can someone tell me why the italic thing works on some threads and not others?


      I did look for a link in amongst all the ordure but couldn't spot one.


      There isn't an option for view plain text.

      Yes, you said that in the comment to which I answered with an alternative (to having plain text) solution. So I shared a way to retrieve manually the link without needing plain text. That's why I shared it.
      You just need to open on a webmail the Duo email normally (by clicking on it on most webmails) then to follow step by step the process.

      Except that it isn't there.

      What "isn't there" exactly?

      • The Inspect button?
      • The console?
      • The console's search engine?
      • a result for the search /verify/ in the browser's console?

      Would you have a screenshot (in which we can see the email + the console + the console's search-engine)? It would be easier for helping you.


      All manner of other rubbish.

      div class="opaque-box" id="copyright

      script src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js" async=""/script

      div class="tab_content hidden_tab" id="about" data-title=" div class="loading-tab"img width="120" height="15" alt="Loading" src="/img/page-loader.gif"/div /div

      This is from the console's view of some Duo's pages, not from the console's view of your email.
      Seems your looking at your console on a Duolingo page instead of looking at the console on the page where you have your webmail open with the verification email open

      So, you achieved to open the console (on Duo's webpages), just do the same on the address verification email, in your mailbox.
      Cf. my first image start by opening your the email Duo sent you, the one where you cannot see the button, the one displayed in my first image.


      The fact remains, however, that it is impossible when the image of the ridiculous owl with an envelope appears and the unsubscribe link appears but the imaginary 'button' to which you refer in your message does not. And no, I see no problem with the webmail otherwise. The trolls have all the time in the world to waste on setting up multiple email accounts all over the web. The responsible adults who actually contribute do not.


      What's wrong with also including a link - that is, the URL itself?


      My verification email included "Click the button below to join a worldwide community of learners! CONFIRM EMAIL" with CONFIRM EMAIL blue with an underline, so I didn't need to click a picture. :)

      The actual URL was http://www.duolingo.com/verify/GRSh9RcoCwFcxa1Q .

      Presumably what was in the email was really "Click the button below to join a worldwide community of learners! <a href="https://www.duolingo.com/verify/GRSh9RcoCwFcxa1Q">CONFIRM EMAIL</a>"

      An even better and more straightforward way to do this would have been "Click the link to join a worldwide community of learners! http://www.duolingo.com/verify/GRSh9RcoCwFcxa1Q"

      This way, even if I was having some software trouble and the email showed up as plain text it would still work. ;)


      I managed thanks to you, I didn’t think about disabling the html view until I read your message, and it works for me, allowing me to see the direct link :D I hope it can help others if their email provider allows the plain text view.       If it can help : I think that even some "throw-away" emails have this feature (for instance yopmail.com). Of course you would have to change again to your original address after verifying, but it can be used just for this step.


      Of course you would have to change again to your original address after verifying

      Then you'll have to verify the address in your Duo settings after this last change.

      In short:
      What is verified or verified (hence will decide if you can interact or not) is the CURRENT address associated with your Duo account, at the moment you are about to interact, it's not the account that is verified or not (as this would achieve the goal to slow down the spammers/trolls) but the current email address associated to it.

      More details:
      What matters(°), in order to be able to interact socially at a given moment, is that the current email address associate to your Duo account has been verified.
      That's what I've been said by staff. And it makes sense to not allow to just "have verified once one email address", otherwise it'd defeat totally the main purpose of this (= to slow down creation of multiple spam/troll accounts) as they would just have one email address (called "(A)" later in this message) that they use to check then switch to any other junk email address in order to let another of their account to use their "(A)" address in order to be verified.

      Any time you change your email address, you have to verify the "new" one you just for.
      This includes the case where let say you "verify address A, then switch to address B and verify it then switch back to address A" => you have to verify address A, as the first switch to address B, cancelled the first verification of address A.

      (°) well, "will matter", once the verification will be mandatory.


      Actually, I'm clearly not the first, since Aki-Mugetsu's post is marked as from yesterday. Exactly the same issue. And DavidCWalls clearly has a similar issue.


      Stewart156051 too, and KatrinatheLamia, apparently. Asking people to waste time creating more and more addresses across the web on the offchance that one of them will suit your childish pictures is not helpful in any way.

      What is going to happen in future when people run up against this nonsense? When they can't post here to tell you? I think the contact form disappeared long ago - have you reinstated it (or even started reading it)? Are they to email 'abuse' and hope for the best? What on earth possessed you to do this retrospectively? If people have been using the site without being trolls for months or years, they are not suddenly going to become spambots. I'm not even sure how anyone is to know when you've solved the issue over the next month, now you've taken the bell alert away - how many times are we meant to come back and search this already over-long thread on the offchance that you may have replied with an appropriate solution?


      And voting into invisibility all the posts pointing out that the emails don't function correctly is not going to change the fact that they don't work.


      Odd. I had no issues in iOS.


      Nevertheless. Even in a browser without an adblocker. The unsubscribe link is there but not the alleged button to confirm.


      It seems like here are issues in just about any new feature Duolingo introduces.


      Thank you very much! I like lots of others hoped for this to appear!


      Awesome! Finally!

      • 2191

      How about restricting lower levels or newer accounts to X posts/comments per day?


      New users sometimes need extra help.

      • 2191

      That's right. They also need to learn how to google.


      @Fitt3, you make a good point. I'd argue that a reputation and/or Q&A system akin to Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange would significantly increase the quality here.


      Are un-verified new user sign ups protected against bots?
      Like a quick confirmation dialog "I am no robot" or something better?


      If only they had someone in their office who was an expert on CAPTCHA and the like! :)


      I'm pretty sure this is the best comment I've ever read on Duolingo, and I've read a lot :')


      Brilliant...you sir are the uncontested master of snark! Have a lingot...


      Hah, well played.


      I thought that I had already verified my email but it is saying now that I haven't and when I try to send an email to verify my account I don't get any email. Is there something wrong here? like a glitch? I can't validate it if I don't get an email.


      Here's what solved it for me went the same happened to me:

      1. Change in your settings your email address for another email address of yours (or something random if you don't have other)
      2. Save the change
      3. Wait ~15sec (just to be sure the server, that sometimes are laggy, have treated it) then refresh and check the new email address appears
      4. Change back to your original email address (the one you want to verify for you Duo account).
      5. Save the change
      6. Wait ~15sec then refresh and check the new email address appears
      7. Click on the link to verify your address just below the email field (if it's not there, refresh until it appears: it took me once 5 refreshs for that).

      [deactivated user]

        Finally, thank you! :)


        Thanks so much for this feature. I hope there will be no more trolls now!


        Duolingo needed it. Thanks!


        Thank you for this! Just verified my email! :)


        " as well as adding friends". Heh, that's funny. You mean the friends whose activity you haven't been able to see, haven't been able to send messages to, and haven't been able to have any interaction with for... what is it, about a year now? Yeah, I'll really miss that ability.


        I received my email verification request today which asked me to action by clicking on the "button below". Alas there was no "button below" to click on. Help!


        If your email provider allows you to do that, disable the html view, it will show you the direct link. Also, if you can’t do that with yours, some throw-away emails have this feature, you could always use one just for verifying and change again your setting to but pack your usual address.


        you could always use one just for verifying and change again your setting to but pack your usual address.

        It'll not work as after you put back your usual address as the address associated to your Duo account, then the address associated to your Duo account will not be verified.

        See more details in this comment.


        The original post has now been updated, if you are having problems displaying the button in your verification email, please take a look!


        It has been updated to 'we'll fix it at some point'. Do you not think that may have become time critical? Or that your plans may need adjusting until it is fixed?


        I haven't seen too many trolls or perhaps I just haven't registered them but sure, I'll verify :)


        I wouldn't trust you with my real email address again further than I could kick you.


        Great! I am in favor of any speed bumps you put between the user and post creation.


        Thank you for this information. I had not realized that the e-mail needed to be verified.


        It's not yet needed. It'll be needed in about 30 days (but we can already verify it) and, at that point, those who didn't verified their email address will know they have to as soon as they'll try to have any social interaction as trying so will prompt a "Please verify your email address to do that action"-type banner/message-box.


        What if some people who are inactive now decide to go back to Duolingo after the period of 30 days? Will they have to talk to a moderator through e-mail or does it count the 30 days after your last log in?


        30 days from today is the grace period. After that you will have to enter a live e-mail address to post to the forums. You can do that in 2 days, 20, or 200 from now.


        What happens if I am not getting any verification emails in my inbox? Plz help


        i wish like duolingo could have the power to talk to people and Thanks i love learning at Duolingo it helps me get better at languages and it helps me know what the meaning is too


        I keep verifying my email address in settings. It is accepted, then a few seconds later I get "Email not Verified Verify Now". Please advise.


        Just to be sure to get correctly the sequence of actions that are happening to you, what happens is that:

        1. You open your settings
        2. click on red text "verify Now"
        3. go consult your email account (the one of the address written just above the red text "verify Now" at the moment you clicked it)
        4. Open the email and click on the green button "Confirm address" (or whatever the English similar wording is)
        5. It "accepts it", which is- sending you to the Duolingo's homepage with the URL being "https://www.duolingo.com/?emailVerified=true"
        6. You open again (or refresh) your settings and the red text "Email not Verified Verify Now" appears again.

        Is that it?
        if not, please describe precisely the sequence of actions/facts happening to you so that we (=the community) have a chance to maybe be able to guess what's going on.


        Thank you jrikhal for your response. I did not see the email. I have now confirmed so all should be good.


        To jrikhal and other users.

        This particular commentary is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

        Many times I had clicked on the request at the top of a unit (the banner?), yet the request kept returning.

        Just now, I saw this commentary, followed the directions, and was able, finally, after many attempts, to successfully confirm my email.

        These directions should be posted elsewhere so they are easily found.


        Whoops, I am mistaken. the " Email not Verified Verify Now" keeps returning.

        I have refreshed, and closed, and come back in.

        I logged out, and logged back in -- that didn't work.


        "Now I believe I solved it. The secret is to go to the email account and look for the email there, after clicking on the banner click word. I strongly suggest that, after we click on the "verify now" we get a notice to then go our email account and see the email that DL next sends."

        @SGuthrie0, the pop-up that shows up when you click on "verify now" on either page specifically instructs you to go check your email inbox to confirm the email address. Is it possible you hit "OK" before reading the instructions, or did the pop-up not show up for you at all?


        Now I believe I solved it.

        The secret is to go to the email account and look for the email there, after clicking on the banner click word.

        I strongly suggest that, after we click on the "verify now" we get a notice to then go our email account and see the email that DL next sends.

        I personally don't check my DL emails very often -- I get too many of them.

        It's lucky I happened to check this Discussion section


        The secret is to go to the email account and look for the email there, after clicking on the banner click word.

        Yep, as said in the step 3. of the above detail of the process.


        See step 3. of the above detail of the process:

        \3. go consult your email account (the one of the address written just above the red text "verify Now" at the moment you clicked it)


        This was a very necessary change. Thank you!


        This is what I have to say about these rude comments that have been posted. But first I would like to thank Luscinda for actually saying something nice. Sadly I have not seen many of these. Dcarl1 that was not a spam post. I am sorry if you feel that this really needs to be done but an argument against it would not be spam. jrikhal I do not have multiple accounts. I have been using this app for over 2 years and They should keep doing the blocking. And is there proof that there is spamming or trolling. Khan I have seen no posts about chicken nuggets. And yes I will not give up on this.


        I was never prompted to do this using the Android app. I just stumbled onto this when I came to these forums for another reason. Not sure how android app users are supposed to know this!


        Hi, Im not sure if this is the right place but it seems close to what I want to ask. For a while now I have not been able to view discussion from lessons. You know when you are doing a language course on the website and you can see the discussions relating to that particular question in a course. I have followed some but now I want to unfollow some and I keep getting a error page that the discussion doesn't exist., howere I still get emails telling me someone has posted a new comment on that lesson. What is going on? I have verified my email address but I still cannot access the discussion to unfollow it and I cannot see any listed under profile - progress sharing etc. Does anyone know what is happening? Thanks.


        This sounds like a bug! Could you please file a bug report, preferably with links/screenshots so we can verify what is happening?


        its not working with my gmail


        I am not receiving the verification email. I have tried everything. Have also tried changing email address. Anyone?



        (I don't see the banner, though....)


        I went to my settings and there was a link to click to verify e-mail. After clicking it I got an e-mail with a place to click. Done!


        I have no banner nor does anything pop up when I click that link :/


        I have no banner either.


        Try visiting your settings and see if there is a "verify now" option near your email address (and please make sure your browser does not block pop-ups)


        omg do i really have to do that! I am using a never used anymore email an i don't know how to open it or see what happens!!!!!!!!!!


        do i really have to do that!

        If you want to interact on forums, yes.

        I am using a never used anymore email an i don't know how to open it

        Change the email address (in your settings) associated to your Duo account and put one you know how to open/access.


        no request to verify my email and I even just changed it recently..


        As with every change, we will monitor the community impact and listen to your feedback.

        Really? How do you explain threads like "Lack of feedback on problems, bugs, etc."?

        I can tell you that the recent change to the user profile page was anything but an improvement. There's even a request to fix the changes "[Change request] Web profile achievements view broke profile page forname, surname, location, streak". Will you roll back the profile page changes then?


        Thanks, I verified today and now know their will soon be no more spammers.


        Dear Duo, If I login with social account, why don't you consider my address verified?


        If I don't verify my email, will I lose all my current friends, or just lose the ability to add new ones?


        The ability to add new ones.


        For some reason, every time I send a verification email, I check my inbox, and it isn't there. What should I do?


        YourBoiMicro, please check the spam folder, or search "all mail". It is possible your provider is blocking Duolingo email (sometimes happens with business and school emails) — in that case, try changing the email address associated with your Duolingo account in your settings, and try again!


        Still not fixed it then - is it really that hard to produce a proper link instead?


        That's the most positive change I saw for months on Duolingo. I should have been made at the very beginning of this site; So it's a good change, and the only real mean to prevent fake account, and to close spammers account if use with an IP log. I hope there's also an IP logging.


        While this does take more time, for the people who use there own emails, and it can become frustrating, in the long run it seems worth it! We want people who care about languages and learning them here on duolingo. Spammers and trolls are just not cool, and not good to have in a place that is as amazing as this one, I think that this policy will be worth it in the long run.


        Why can't I follow my friend after I got the verified message: "Success! Your email address has been verified"


        Is it possible that they have blocked you? What are you seeing when you try to follow them?


        I guess it's the problem of email verification, i.e. I still don't pass the verification. It's certain that they won't block me. And I also try to follow other users. The results are the same, the button becomes "following" and I still can't find them on my following list. Btw, sometimes the notification that I didn't verify my email would appear when I try to follow someone.


        when i try to leave a comment in an exercise i am asked to verify my email address, but when i do it, it tells me my email address cannot be verified.


        Hi jeri123, would you please submit a bug report? That shouldn't be happening. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


        PS Jeri123 your account is showing that your email address has already been verified. Edit: Also, you are successfully leaving comments in the sentence discussion forums. For example. So, I would include those details when you file the bug report.


        Devs, my son cannot verify his email (gmail), what's going on?! I'm trying for 10+ days already...


        I am having G so much trouble verifying my email address. It keeps sending me messages to verify and each one is rejected.


        I am doing Duolingo Plus which I find excellent. I wish to have reminders daily by email as I did when doing plain Duolingo.


        Hi RobynPurse3,

        You can change your notification settings using this link: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/notifications. Be sure that you click the "Save" button after making changes. ^_^


        My little brother made an account and accidentally put in an old email address, which he can't access. How can he change his email even when his email on duolingo hasn't been verified??


        I'm trying to find a way to get ahold of whoever is in charge? I received a message from duolingo. Saying, learn languages for free. If that's the case, why did you take $90. For my next year of Spanish? Denise


        This was a very necessary change. Thank you!


        what i can say ? so thank you so much


        This is a step forwards.


        Thank you times infinity!


        My account is a couple of years old and I have been using the Android app for a couple months. I just logged onto the web version of Duolingo for the first time ever (or at least in years) and saw the notification to verify my email address.

        Why not send this verification requirement to phone-only (non-browser) users, too?


        I don't get this. It wont work for me help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        What is happening exactly, SaraAshbaugh1?


        It always makes me sad looking at the comments... Seeing people that have 1100+ days on the streak and level 20+. welp. spends one full day doing Spanish and German in hopes to achieve level 20.


        I clicked many times on "Verify Account" but its not working :( Why is it so?


        Which part of the process is "not working exactly"? After of before receiving the email that clicking on "verify Now" sends (in order to verify said email address)?

        See ShellMarg's comment, here in this discussion (and answers to it) for more details.


        This is good safety who agrees

        duolingo should also find other ways for internet safety And also i agree with Dcarl1



        I am not sure whether I have already or not when I created my account.


        So does this mean that anyone accounts that do not have a verified email will get removed from Duolingo?


        Hi KingL3ca,

        So does this mean that anyone accounts that do not have a verified email will get removed from Duolingo?

        Have a look to the Announcement, it already answers that quesiton :

        every user will continue to be able to use Duolingo and browse all forum content without a verified email.


        Also, will this mean that I will lose my progress if I don't verify?


        Same answer as your previous question.

        P.S. : When you want to add something to your just published comment, editing your just published comment and include in it your second question.
        To edit your comment, click on the gray "Modify" button just under said comment.


        Alright thanks alot!


        Safety is always the #1 priority


        I didn't see any way to confirm my email addy other than to check my settings and see that it was one I actually do use.

        I also checked that email address and I had over 1500 emails in my DuoLingo folder (gracias a Dios para setting up a separate folder for this stuff).

        This IS my "throwaway" email address....sort of...I have set up accounts with temporary emails that I cannot even check anymore that are the real "throwaway" accounts though.

        Over the years I've used this email address enough that it is no longer really a throwaway account. I even marked it as "important" in my password manager.

        Thank you for reminding me to practice my German for the last several days. I've been doing Spanish instead. Español es mas practical en los Estados Unidos. Nadie habla aleman. (Niemand spreche Deutchse?)

        and German is harder too!

        (Grammar and spelling corrections are always welcome, no matter how pedantic, although you'll probably get tired of pointing out all the times I left off an accent mark - most of the time I assure you that I'm imagining the accent in the right place).


        Hi yetanothername!

        Here is a help article for how to verify your email address.

        So long as the email address exists, that's what matters. It doesn't have to be your main email address. Though, it is important to check it from time to time in case you get messages from Duolingo staff, moderators, and any notifications you've signed up for specifically. To adjust what notifications you receive, check your settings Here. After making changes on the website version of Duolingo, don't forget to click the green "Save" button. :)


        Well nothing bad would happen if trolls and spammers do "dirty work" as you say.


        I think this is a brilliant idea as there are many people who spam and create pointless forums that should not actually be on Duolingo.


        stop sending me emails to do more duolingo because if getting fed up and im probably going to stop if this continues


        You are the only one who can stop that: in the settings of your account.


        I did that already like 3 weeks and 5 days


        HELLO, I am new here, sorry writh some wrong


        About bloody time.


        Thanks Duolingo. This is really useful.


        can you make me admin


        merci Duolingo :)


        Just done. Thanks for warning us!


        I already verified my adress... Really easy!!! Thanks!!!


        i already verified, so goodbye!


        i am a student and i followed my teacher i wanted to send her something and found i couldnt make this happen please


        can not go to the next lesson. have been trying it for weeks.


        Hi bano724,

        please stay on topic. This discussion is specifically about "Email verification".
        If you have an issue with something else please do the following:

        1. start by looking if there is a solution described in the Support Pages.
          If there are no solutions there,
        2. Use the forum search-engine to search for older discussions about the same subject. Don’t hesitate to make various searches with different keywords and make searches combining several keywords/expressions using standard logical operators (&&, ||) and/or quote marks.
          If you don’t find anything,
        3. read in the Troubleshooting forum the last days new messages — scroll down (and read) a few pages of the tab “New” of said forum — to see if anyone has already started a discussion about the same issue. If nothing in the “New” tab, try the "Popular" tab of the same forum.
          If nothing there,
        4. check the few sticky messages of the "General" forum (for English speakers) to see if there is an announcement related to your issue.
          If still nothing,
        5. post your question in the Troubleshooting forum.

        can not go to the next lesson

        If the above (in particular the article "I'm stuck, why can't I open the next skill?" of the Support Pages) doesn't allow you to solve your problem, please share in your new discussion (independent from the one we're writing here) details like:

        • what are the units/skills you completed on the last non-gray line of skills/units?
        • what are the first units/skills that are gray in your tree?

        According to your account, you didn't complete "Verbs: Gerund", in fact, still according to your account, you didn't start it.


        can you please do lithuanian because I am lithuanian. please and thank you. ;)


        can you follow me


        Well, I do not think this is an appropriate measure to take because of this: I have seen absolutely no Spammers or Trollers and I have been using Duolingo for more than 2 years. This will hassle many people that are unaware and may stop learning their language because of this. A better Idea would be to block Users that are trolling despite I have seen absolutely none


        There are dozens of them a day. The most benign are bored kids posting “dude, sup lolz!!! I hate French class. What’s your fave animal?!? Dude, give me lingots Now!!!” blather. The worst are racist twits. So, so, so, many useless filler spam posts.


        Please name a discussion that has so called spammers and trollers


        Hebrew111111111, The discussion "Please Verify Your Email Address" Much of the spam is only visible as grey text to moderators because we have deleted it. But there is still some here. Over 1,000 people volunteer with Duolingo. At least 170 of those are forum moderators according to a current count.


        It is just a statistical thing: the bigger the course, the more spammers and trollers. If you have taken one single and smaller course (yours has 1.78M learners), and its moderator(s) does (do) their job properly, you may not see the extent of the troubles others have (the 4 top courses have 25 to 113M users).


        This will hassle many people that are unaware

        Once the mail verification will be needed, people will be notify as soon as they will try to take an action (write on forums, vote or friend someone) need mail verification: at the moment they'll try, they'll be asked to verify their email if they want for their action to take effect.
        So, no, no risk that people who (will) need to be aware will be unaware.

        I have seen absolutely no Spammers or Trollers

        And is this a proof that there is none or almost none?

        have been using Duolingo for more than 2 years.

        Hence don't forget to verify the email addresses of your several accounts (Hebrew111111111 being only approx. 6 months old) if you want to interact with them all.

        A better Idea would be to block Users

        Don't worry, it's long that actions are already taken by Duo on such accounts, but it's not enough.


        No trolls? I once posted in the discussions and had my post downvoted by thirteen trolls and other people's posts on the same topic were ok. There was one person who congratulated me on my 100 lingots, (that was an achievement for me) and they were a rainbow in the rain. Other people downvote because you're not as smart or refined as them. But when people post about chicken nuggets surely that is spam!


        Those were people who disagreed with you or considered your post spam/irrelevant/unhelpful. Voting something down does not make someone a troll. Are you a troll when you vote down something you find obnoxious or vote up something others dislike?


        im a random stranger who just wants to say hi so hi lol :D


        You are also so silly.

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