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"Eu am o salată cu ulei, oțet și sare."

Translation:I have a salad with oil, vinegar and salt.

January 15, 2018



I actually got this one right (no long words I know), first time too. I am amazed, because I am finding Romanian a struggle so far. This is a bit of revision as I started ploughing ahead too quickly, and then realised I wasn't playing a guessing game, but that I was actually trying to learn and remember some of this stuff. Duolingo can have this effect on me. So. I am backtracking for necessity's sake. Pray continue...


the audio is way too fast for people who are just trying to learn the language. nobody would talk this fast to their baby who they are trying to teach how to speak, and people learning languages are practically in the same situation as a baby.


I got it wrong because i said vinegar oil instead oil vinegar


I wrote "I love" because in Portuguese (my native language), "I love" is "Eu amo". lol


A minor typo in english... Sad. I am dutch. I suppose many of you regcognise this kind of mistakes taken as fault

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