German is harder than i thought should i get a tutor?

January 15, 2018


Olivia, You need to understand that the magic of understanding doesn't happen quickly. My suggestion for a method of study is as follows
:1. Get a German grammar book first from the library. and then, I suggest from used books.. "cheap" 2. Use the Duolingo lessons for a percentage number, When it goes up, that's good. but it will go up and down and stay them for lengths of time. Look at the grammar book to read about the words and grammar points you are confronting in the lessons..
3.Remember two reasons why polyglots are considered intelligent are:
Language learning is hard and
Language learning makes you smarter.
4. Use a combination of resources to learn, that could include library CD's, YouTube, lessons, eventually German audio tracks on Netflix.
5. Remember that babies learn a language a language because they don't give up when going from their booming buzzing confusion to a state of ability to use language. If keep trying and don't quit you will learn the language.

I find a lot of good advice in the replies to Duolingo Discussion postings.
Regards, Ken

only if you think you need one it varies from person to person if you go through the lesson a few times it might help


If you want to get a tutor, think about et really good. If you don't want to do so anymore, then take my advise. Go over the lessons so far that you have learned over and over until you understand et. Also, say the words out loud while typing AND before you start typing. Ich habe found that et works really well!

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