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What language do you like best?

I love German

January 15, 2018



German, because it sound good and is realistic (Submarine=Unterwasserboot or underwaterboat). Portuguese is easy because it is just slang Spanish, and Spanish is just important.


It's actually Unterseeboot, not unterwasserboot. I know this due to studying German military terms for WWII research.

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    No... Spanish is slang Portuguese...


    Sub (under) + Marine (sea) = under the sea ;)


    Even just early lessons in Portuguese make me run for the hills. I think I'm just bad at romance languages all round, but Portuguese really scares me. I agree with you on the German, though -- it's delightfully literal most the time.


    Jag älskar svenska, det är så lätt att lära sig, speciellt om engelska är ditt första språk!


    Svenska är liknar at tyska, men med engelsk grammatik... And I think I fluffed that... My Swedish really is atrocious... Men jeg älskar språket.

    (Yes, I expect to be immediately inundated with complaints on my horrific sentence. Maybe I should start learning Swedish instead of Irish (which is, by the way, a really weird language).)


    Du har rätt, men gissa hur lätt det er at lära sig om ens första språk är tyska eller nederländska.
    Så många sammansatta svenska ord liknar ord vi använder. Därför tycker jag att man inte burde bara lära sig ett av dessa språken men åtminstone två.


    Definitely swedish! Once I started to learn I simply fell in love with it :)

    [deactivated user]

      I'm very mainstream... English for me.

      Special mentions to German because it's a nut tough to crack and Italian because it's quite evocative.


      5/7 for the dig at German syntax


      ASL. It is used everywhere in the US.

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      I had a deaf neighbor once who taught me many signs and also how to spell out words. I always was interested in deaf culture. In the hospital I was able to communicate, perhaps very slow and awkwardly, with deaf families. I can spell like a wiz but I sure don't have the signs and grammar down. Cool language!


      ASL is easy to learn but difficult to master.


      My five favorites are Korean, Welsh, Arabic, Zulu and Greek. By how much is variable by how they are beautiful and the mood I'm in. :)


      That's a lot of languages you are learning!!!!


      My three favorites are definitely German, Italian, and Hindi. German has been a favorite of mine forever, now, and Italian culture / language just seems so very beautiful to me. I am very interested in the Hindi language and Indian culture, and so that will definitely be a language I touch on eventually.


      My favourite language is german.


      I like them all! They are all so enjoyable to study. :)


      Xhosa, !Xóõ, Silbo Gomero, Pirahã, several exotic tribal languages. Love them. Speak none though. Gonna learn Xhosa next, I suppose.

      Since we are in the German forum, what dialect / accent of German do you like the most / least?


      When speaking of dialects and accents "Hochdeutsch" is quite ambiguous and can refer to completely different dialects or accents. But, since not everybody knows this you can often infer that a person that doesn't means a northern German close-to standard variety with Low German influences.


      yes, but it is the written language and the fallback that the Swiss and Austrians use when they note you are not a local.


      I know only Chinese (mother tongue), English and Japanese, and out of these three I like Japanese the most right now.


      Welsh has been my favorite language so far. It's fun and easy, and looks interesting when written (Dw i'n hoffi cwrw, I like beer). German is also fun, and nice to use.


      I like English and German. Czech too, because it is my native language. But i hate Russian, because we had had this topic in the basic school as a mandatory subject for long time till a college.


      ich like Deutsch too, although ich habe nicht learned enough to communicate das much in es.


      Danke! du sind encouraging.


      ich moge deutsch auh aba ich sprache nicht ser gut :D


      Ich verstehe Ihnen.


      spanish it is similar to English which makes it easier to learn and is spoken in Spain, Mexico, many parts of South America, and on some islands.

      [deactivated user]

        Spanish is similar to English? Ok, it's closer to English than Russian is but by that token Portuguese and Italian are the same as Spanish...


        When he says similar he is implying that the grammatical structure and many words are similar in the 2 languages.

        [deactivated user]

          Yes, in retrospect I was not entirely correct, there is some degree of similarity indeed.

          Apologies to HannahLHenry.


          I'm enjoying Japanese


          Ich liebe Deutsch!


          I'm enjoying learning German but I really like the way Dutch sounds (and looks)


          I think I like either German or Norwegian the best. German especially is rather straightforward, which I like. Also, grammar-wise, they are similar to English.


          Fur mich ist Deutsch am besten!


          English is by far my favourite language. It's just so useful, there are so very many ways to say the same thing, and emphasising one word in a sentence can cause it to have completely different implications. Sometimes I think English is silly -- like the spelling is insane (but still not Irish insane) and nothing seems to be pronounced how it looks like it should be -- but ever since I first started learning when I was a teenager, I have been constantly enthusiastic about it. Learning English allows me to communicate with a lot of people and I find the odd grammar very satisfying (plus, it's nice to be able to ignore the case system for the most part, as it is unnoticeable in every day speech but for a few personal pronouns).

          One gripe, besides the spelling, is the use of 'helper' words to ask questions/make requests (if I forget to say 'would you mind [doing this]' and just say '[do this]' people think I'm purposefully being rude D: ). Another is the way people think I'm being weird when I forget to use verbs in the present continuous aspect.

          It's still a great language though and, with so many people learning it as a second language, I often find it's a common tongue between me and others whose first language I don't speak. There are so many resources for learning and a wealth of great literature and poetry.

          Definitely an awesome language (even if it's a bit clunky).

          edit: some of my commas ran away...


          what do you guys like

          [deactivated user]

            i like english, then spanish, then german.


            I really love French, it's such a beautiful language. Arabic has a really nice writing system I would love to learn Arabic. Hindi, because I really like the Indian culture and I can't wait to go to India once. Portuguese, because it's a really melodic language.


            el trentim le el meio


            Russian is interesting as it is similar to Latin (that's what I think!) and it is simply a beautiful language to learn. Same with Japanese. Again, it is interesting and a wonderful language to learn.

            I don't learn Bengali because it is my mother tongue but I recommend that too!!!


            Japanese and Estonian are the cutest I know. Like hearing how they talk is sometimes adorable.

            then swedish or russian are just funny to learn.

            tho I'm focusing on German as it is more useful right now.


            greek or spanish. hard to choose


            I'm liking German, High Valyrian, and Danish


            Idk, maybe Hungarian and Deutsch


            I love German too, but it seems Hungarian will always be my favorite.

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