"Viza este nouă pentru mine."

Translation:The visa is new to me.

January 15, 2018



How would you say "the visa is new for me", e.g. the consulate just made me a new one?

January 15, 2018


The same, "Viza este nouă pentru mine" (the way you have phrased it), but it may be more natural to say "Viza mea este nouă" or "Am o viză nouă".

May 13, 2018


consultantul mea facut, the other one was a typo sorry

January 24, 2018


I would say “consulatul mi-a făcut o viza nouă.” But that wasn't Karalamak's question.

By the way, if you make a mistake in a comment you can edit it using the DL desktop application. I don't think it works with the mobile application.

January 28, 2019


consultu mea facut o visa noua, i think that's how you say it

January 24, 2018


In English "the visa is new to me means to whole system or concept is something i ma not familiar with, if i want to say i have a new one then it would be "My visa is new" or "the visa I have is a new one."

April 12, 2019
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