"Io ho un cane."

Translation:I have a dog.

March 18, 2013

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finally a sentence i can actually use


Yikes... In the normal speed it sounds like "Io cane." I can SORTA make out something like "un" before "cane" but the "ho" is IMPOSSIBLE to hear without the slow version.


Please report that the audio is bad in the report field.

Actually, the mistake is that "ho" should be pronounced with "open" O, while it is "closed", and the O of io and the O of ho end up having the same sound.


Yeah, I'll report that. Thanks!


I almost wrote " I have a cane".Oops!


Cane(not the dog) is bastone.


I had two questions back-to-back.

First; English asking for Italian. I have a dog. Answer: Ho un cane.

Second; Italian asking for English, Io ho un cane. Answer: I have a dog.

My question is, why is there no consistency and does it make a difference?


io ho un cane = ho un cane
the pronoun "io" is optional


Mainly, the pronunciation problem here is in the mother language English. It is, always there is a softy letter you all associate with your Vowel Sounds. Io ho un cane (close to Long O). So your mind say it has only three words. Listen carefully - I can hear the softy O in ho.


I thought cane was feminine...


• il cane - the dog(sing. masculine, or unknown gender)

• la cagna - feminine singular

• I cani - masculine plural, mixed, or unknown gender(you still use cani even if there's only one female dog among all the male ones)

• le cagne - feminine plural


I've typed in lo ho un cane about 3 times but won't accept this as the correct answer? am i being stupid or incorrect or something?


it isn't "L̶o ho..." but "io ho..."
you typed the lowercase "L" instead of the "i"


Is "I'ho" a valid contraction? " I'ho un cane."


No, personal pronouns (io, tu,...) are never contracted


I'm pretty sure it said ha and not ho


To me it sounded like either I ho un cane or Io un cane but certainly not Io ho un cane.


is it me or does the slowmo sound "weird"


I have a stinky sock named Joe he has many problems in life, he has not friends. Also, his name is Joe so that just makes his life that much harder on him. He also was bullied at sock school, He had one friend...... Harry, he loved Harry like a brother, But then he got eaten by the dog. He is a sad sock, please give him a lingot. (no need to if you don't want to, Just a funny story)


This sequence stops at number 8, how do say animal. Can't input anything. Must quit and start over. This is my 3rd try.


Is it simply duolingo's error or are short, soft words like: ho, un, and é usually so indistinguishable?


Hey, Duolingo board. You're doing a great job. It's I who does not understand the concept of reading directions carefully and thoughtfully.


Earlier I translated " I have a dog" as "io ho un cane" and lost a heart, now, my translation turns up as a question???

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