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  5. "你需要吃药吗?"


Translation:Do you need to take medicine?

January 16, 2018


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"Do you need to take medication'' was marked wrong. In fact ''medicine'' is a field of knowledge, for example ''the university has a faculty of medicine''. ''Medicine'' can be colloquially used to mean ''medication''. So they should accept both.


Agree. I reported. I am a Chinese Medicine practitioner and those characters obviously can be translated as "medicine" and "medication" because the words are synonymous in spoken English (at least here in the US).




I wrote "Do you need to take some medicine?" and it was marked wrong. It says the right answer is, "Do you need to take your medicine?" but there is no possessive before 药.


If you look at the default post of this topic, you can see that the default answer also does not have the possessive "your"

Why "some medicine" is not accurate is because the sentence did not have a 些 before 葯


Having said that, I feel it's more natural in everyday English to say "take some medicine" rather than just "take medicine", which sounds abrupt to me.


Do you've to take your medicine? Not sure about this....Do you have to take your medicine?


At least in my dialect of English, the contraction of "have" to "-'ve" is used only when "have" is the helping verb: "I've been there." Or "They've eaten dinner", etc.


There are dialects that contract possessive "have" but I'm not aware of any that contract it in "have to."

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