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  5. "你有时间打网球吗?"


Translation:Do you have time to play tennis?

January 16, 2018



有时候 shouldn't be translated as "sometimes"? I would translate: "do you play tennis sometimes?"


I believe "sometimes" is 有的时候. I'm not sure whether the 的 can be left out with the same meaning.


"Do you have the time to play tennis?"


If 网 (net) + 球 (ball) = tennis, what's 'netball'?


According to the Chinese wikipedia, netball is 籃網球 / 投球 / 英式籃球 / 无板篮球. The literal meanings of these 4 compound words are as follows:

籃網球 = Basket + net + ball

投球 = Shoot/ Throw (towards a goal) + ball

英式籃球 = British + style + basket + ball

无板篮球 = No + paddle (i.e. tennis racket) + basket + ball

Sorry that I am not familiar with netball, but from the translations it seems to imply that a basket is involved in the sport...


Wow! It's been a year and I've just read your reply.

Oh I see! So it (netball) is quite unfamiliar outside. It is quite commonly heard in Malaysia, especially during the school age, where it is usually played (by girls).


Nice, I learned a new word today.

I've seen two translations of this word. "篮网球" and "女子篮球", but I don't recommend the latter one because it is indistinguishable from "female basketball".

And I don't think many Chinese have ever heard of this sport (look at me).


Not netball, it is tennis.


The feel of this sentence seems to be do you have time to play tennis with me right now and not do you ever have time to play tennis. Is that right?


Why can't 'Are you free to play tennis?' acceptable as an answer?


I find it infuriating that Duo insists on "Do you have..." in place of "Have you..." Both are perfectly acceptable!


Do you have seen the answer? :-)

Just saying since you claim that 'Do you have' = 'Have you'....


It won't even take "Have you got time to play tennis". Can you tell me why that is not exactly what the Chinese says? Even more succinct than the answer they give

Do some work Duolingo this course and particularly this lesson with it's lack of variation in English answers is hopeless.

The only way you can beat it is to write every answer down in both English and Chinese in the first couple of levels, look them up, and repeat them so you have got every answer word for word. This is not learning a language but remembering by rote. It is an appalling way to learn a language. So is getting marked wrong so often when you know you have the correct answer, just because the words are not exactly as your limited answer wants them to be.

Face the facts, this is a failure in this course. Other courses are far better maintained. Do some work, and present a proper product.


@George - Since you already know your answers are correct, seems you've already learnt Chinese. Congratulations.

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