"Lernt ihr Deutsch?"

Translation:Do you learn German?

1/16/2018, 5:07:38 AM



The English translation "do you learn german" seems awkward. Does this make more sense in german?

8/31/2018, 4:52:55 AM


Having a bit of trouble with ihr, got it's plural you and sometimes means Your. Guessing it has something to do with cases. Lernst du Deutsch/Lernt ihr Deutsch. So the last one is talking to a group of people, You? John

1/22/2018, 10:43:46 AM

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As far as the singular/plural you thing is concerned, you are correct ‘lernst du Deutsch?’ refers to only one person, while ‘lernt ihr...?’ is for a group of people.

Concerning the ‘your’ meaning: it doesn't really have to do with cases, it's the possessive article for ‘sie’ (and it declines like ‘ein’: ‘ihr Mann’, ‘ihr Kind’, ‘ihre Frau’, ‘ihre Freunde’). When capitalised, it refers to ‘Sie’ and consequently means ‘your’; when small it can mean either ‘her’ or ‘their’ (as much as ‘sie’ is both ‘she’ and ‘they’).

In addition, ‘ihr’ can also be the dative for ‘she’ (but not for ‘they’ or the formal You: then the dative is ‘ihnen/Ihnen). For example: ‘I give her an apple’ = ‘ich gebe ihr einen Apfel’; ‘I write to her’ = ‘ich schreibe ihr’.

1/31/2018, 2:46:32 PM


I cannot hear a difference in er and ihr, is there one?

3/9/2018, 3:25:59 AM


Ihr the i sounds like the i in pig. The e in er sounds like e in egg. It's almost the same but the mouth is spread in ihr.

5/11/2018, 11:38:16 PM

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On slow play, it sounds like "dir", not "ihr." Wouldn't make sense, but the audio is very distinct. Reported it.

10/2/2018, 11:28:21 PM


Are you learning german? Wrong?

10/7/2018, 2:24:51 AM


Duolingo accepted "Are you learning German?" as right for me.

12/18/2018, 2:11:08 PM



12/14/2018, 2:33:49 PM


I wrote, You study German? Which was incorrect. I have not seen the "do" you study etc, I guess the "do" is implied?

1/5/2019, 5:19:34 PM


first lawl

1/16/2018, 5:07:38 AM



1/22/2018, 10:37:50 AM
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