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  5. "Bitte erweitern!"

"Bitte erweitern!"

Translation:Please enlarge!

March 18, 2013

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I thought this meant "please elaborate"


I think it does. Whatever, the hints are misleading

Seeing this again I think someone has confused the English "please expand" with "please enlarge". Without the word "please" these are Synonyms with it they certainly aren't


It doesn't mean "please elaborate".


Here are some contexts where you can use "erweitern":

eine Straße erweitern

eine Auffahrt erweitern

ein Gebäude erweitern

ein Angebot erweitern

eine Sammlung erweitern

einen Bruch erweitern


Agrreed, but In none of these examples can I envisage somebody saying "please Enlarge" in English.


I can only comment on the German. Here's a possible scenario:

Der Diktator von Tazbekistan fährt mit seiner Staatskarosse durch eine enge Straße und sagt zu seinem Adjutanten: "Bitte erweitern!"


If you know it doesn't mean "Please elaborate", can you explain when you would use "please enlarge" (a request to a photo developer perhaps?)


what does it mean?


I thought the same.


I was imagining a CSI situation where they're zooming on the picture.

"Please enlarge (the picture)!"


where can we use this phrase???


This imperative seems a bit absract to me as well. Maybe you find some hints on the general use of the word helpful: eine Straße erweitern - to enlarge/broaden a road, seinen Horizont erweitern - to broaden one's horizon, die Firma erweitern - to enlarge the company, ein Land erweitern - to expand a country, die Software erweitern - to extend the software


yeah, I thought of that too! Thanks very much!!!


Why not "Bitte erweitern Sie!" i thought when the imperativ was formal that Sie was necessary.


Is this what you'd say for "Please, make way!"? That's what I thought it meant.


That's a very sweet idea, but unfortunately that's not what you say. :)
"to make room (for someone)" - "(jemandem) Platz machen" (without article in front of "Platz"):
Kannst du mir bitte etwas Platz machen? - Can you make some room for me, please?
Macht Platz für den Krankenwagen! - Make room for the ambulance!
"to make way (for someone)" - (jemandem) den Weg freimachen (always with article)
I think what's commonly used when you want to be led through in a crowd would be "(jemanden) durchlassen" - literally: "to let someone through":
asked formally and politley: Würden/Könn(t)en Sie mich bitte durchlassen? - Would/could/Can you please let me through?" and when in a hurry: Lassen Sie mich durch, ich bin Arzt! - Let me through, I am a doctor! ;-)


However, the easiest is to say "Entschuldigung." and make a movement that signalizes that you need to get through.


Thanks, definitely helpful information to know when one goes to Germany :)


Ha! A few years ago I was in a crowded breakfast cafe in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A large group of fluent German speakers were blocking my path while speaking German with considerable intensity.

I said "Excuse me" a few times. Nothing. "Entschuldigung!" Everybody turned and jumped out of my way. It was pretty clear the English buffered up and got through at the same time as the German.


That sounds best to me, I always get scared in countries where people don't apologise for everything, because I can't help it.


One can also say "Pardon" at least in Austria...


Can we please stop the willy jokes? FYI: the German sentence has no sexual connotation whatsoever.


I put 'wider please' ... I thought it's what your dentist might say to you


"Please Expand" as in "Please elaborate" would seem to get a lot more of the meaning being conveyed here, in terms of the clues given.


But others have contradicted the "please elaborate" possibility


I can add a little to this discussion from an English viewpoint. The verb 'to elaborate' (usually followed by on or upon) can mean 'to add information or detail to an account, or to expand (upon)' according to my Collins dictionary. I leave it to others to decide whether this could be a possible translation of 'erweitern' . 'Please elaborate', (pronounced 'ielaboreht' in this context) would never be heard in common speech though, and one would usually say 'please tell me more', or 'please give further details'.


After scrolling through a series of comments, I found that none had contained any mention/answer to my question, which is:

Why does "erweitern" have the "rn" ending?


That's the infinitive of the verb


It is also the present tense form for wir and sie/Sie, as well as the imperative form for wir and Sie as used here. http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-german-verb-erweitern.html


Can "Bitte erweitern" mean "Please open wide" as a dentist might tell you? Duolingo did not accept this, but I can't tell from the discussion if this is a reasonable translation.


In my grammar book it says the use of the infinitive as an imperative form is used often in context of signs and officials addressing a large crowd. Would this form be used in other instances?


It is not that the infinitive is used as an imperative, but that the same form of the word is used for both the infinitive and the imperative for wir and Sie, as well as for present tense for wir and sie/Sie. http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-german-verb-erweitern.html


I can only think of this being meaningful in a frank and adult context, and I suggest that the rest of the confused individuals here follow suit and cease being so vestal.

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